Ronald Potter And The Labyrinth Of Doom: Ronald Potter Year 3

Ronald Potter's third year at the Jedi Temple and his last year as a Youngling. He's been busier than ever learning how to fly starships, swimming in the Lake County on Naboo, studying for the obstacle course exam, and even tracking dozens of voorpak clones. But now someone's setting him up to get in trouble with everyone. Will he find out who it is and stop him? Or will he flunk out of school? Read to find out!


4. Field Trip To Naboo

Ronald was having a lot of fun with Annabeth in class, because they were study partners, but Vernon was trying to ruin it. He even got Draco Goyle to start poking fun at Ronald. Ever since e came to the Jedi Temple, Vernon and his friends had been out to get him. Ronald thought it was because he liked Annabeth, but more likely he was incapable of feeling love. Last year, he would have sought advice from Yoda about Vernon, but he was usually busy as Severus' instructor. He certainly didn't want to take his chances with Mr. Maulpres either. At least Ammon and June would talk to him.

Later, the Padawans played dodgeball again. Several minutes into the game, Ronald tripped on a dodgeball. Seveurs saw the oppurtunity and hurled a ball at Ronald.

"Ron, look out!" Annabeth cried.

Before Ronald could react, Lily Force-jumped in front of him and caught the ball before she landed. "You're out, Severus!" she shouted, and hurled the ball at Vernon. "You too, Vernon!" Lily seized a ball and knocked it into Bill. "Sorry, Bill!" A ball flew past her head, and she reached out and caught it. "Nice try, Tegan, but you're out!" She tossed the ball aside and ducked down, picking up a ball and just as quickly knocking out Mary with an underhand throw. "That's it for you, Mary!"

With the other team cleared, Lily turned to the others. "That was fun! Can we play again?"

Vernon looked over, rubbing his head. "Didn't she say she'd never played dodgeball before?"

Soon after, the annual field trip took place, and everyone traveled to Naboo via space bus.

The trip began with some lectures. Ronald looked over as Librarian Lackbar spoke. "You can see how these grass plains are affected by the city of Theed," she said, "while areas like Lake County are nearly untouched."

I'd better take some notes, Ronald thought. As he scribbled, it came back to him: A good student takes lots of notes. But make eye contact so she knows I'm listening. "Mm-hm," he muttered blankly. Repeat information so I can remember it better. "So...Lake Country is only accessible by speeder..." His eyelids were drooping, and he didn't know the reason. Remember to ask questions. He held his hand up in an awkward gesture. "How do they make sure settlers don't build on the plains?"

Finally, the lecture ended. Ronald's back was hunched over, and he was walking awkwardly. Annabeth rushed over. "Ronald, are you OK?"

"No...paying attention is exhausting!" Ronald gasped.

Naboo was Annabeth's favorite place to visit, which made the field trip more fun. They visited the Gungan Sacred Place, but Ronald didn't think it looked very sacred. Master Yoda explained that the Gungans' respect for nature may have been part of it. He asked the Gungan guide why it was sacred, since it only looked like ruins grown over with plants. The Gungan guide merely shrugged. It still looked cool to Ronald, though.

When it came to swimming, Ronald was nervous, because he'd only ever been in water before.

When the time came, Annabeth and the others put on their swimsuits and headed to the lake. "Hey, Ron, we're all going to dive off the diving rock," Annabeth said when they neared the lake. "Want to come?"

"Uh...sure!" said Ronald. He looked ahead as Bill and Annabeth dived into the water. He walked over nervously. There, Ronald looked down into the water. Below him, Annabeth and Bill were happily frolicking in the pool. This looks deep...

Just then, Vernon showed up. "Scared of sando aqua monsters, Ron? I wouldn't blame you." He turned toward the water. "They usually go for the weak first!" With that, he jumped into the water.

"Come on in, Ron!" Annabeth called out. Behind her, Ammon was doing laps around the deep end.

Ronald looked down. Bill and Annabeth were bobbing in the water. I guess I shouldn't worry... "OK, here I--Oops!" As he took another step, he tripped and fell into the lake. At first, he thought he was done for, but he suddenly floated back to the top. He began to shiver, and his cheeks turned red and felt like they were searing his skin.

"Ronald! Are you okay?" Annabeth asked.

Ronald looked over. He could feel his teeth chattering. "W-why didn't anyone t-tell me how c-cold the water was?"

Annabeth couldn't help but smile. He's from a desert, after all. "Take my hand, I'll help you to shore."

"Thanks," Ronald replied weakly.

20 minutes later, Yoda called the others around. Once they were assembled, Yoda said, "Now, do the swimming relay race, you will. In teams you will be. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to get wet. Leave your dry clothes and shoes on the shore, you should!" He walked over to the lake. "Some Easter Eggs, here are. Swim he fastest, you must, while collecting all the eggs, and win, you will. Assemble your teams, I will."

The way it turned out, Ronald's team didn't do well, since Ronald wasn't a good swimmer. However, he was able to collect a single egg. His team wasn't angry, though. Together, they began to think of goofy swim styles, which Ronald enjoyed a lot more.

Later, they went to the shaak farm. Their Gungan guide taught them how to ride the shaaks. Ronald quickly got the hang of it. It felt...familiar, like riding a dewback on Tatooine.

"Lily, you're up," said the Gungan tour guide.

Lily stepped over and climbed on. Ronald walked over. "Here, I think you're holding the straps wrong."

"Really? How should I be holding them?" Lily replied.

"Like this," said Ronald. He guided her hand into position. "You set?"

"Yes," said Lily. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," said Ronald, and left. As he turned, he saw Lily clinging in position, but she suddenly sat stiller than before. Then she started doing tricks! As the shaak began to trot (instead of walking), Lily did a handstand on it. "Whee!" she shouted. "Guys, try this!"

Vernon and Pansy were watching with the others. "She's kind of a showoff," Vernon griped.

"Yeah," Pansy sighed. "I like her."

Before they went to the Naboo Zoo, Annabeth seemed really quiet. After the chaos from the previous year, Ronald decided he should probably talk to her. The way it turned out, she was feeling insecure about Lily, since she was good at pretty much everything and everyone liked her now. So it made her feel weird when Ronald was helping Lily ride the shaaks.

"I was just trying to be helpful," Ronald replied. "Like Ammon was with your dad."

"You're sweet, Ron," she said. She even tried to kiss him on the cheek, but Ronald turned his head and she ended up kissing his hair instead. She began to stutter. "Ack! Pfft! Hair!"

"What?" said Ronald.

Annabeth laughed.

At the zoo, she showed him around. The zookeepers asked if they wanted to keep one of the voorpaks and care for it at the Jedi Temple again. Ronald was excited. That said, Squeaker was coming back, having been absent since Ronald returned him to Yoda near the end of his second year. They began to search for the one they had cared for previously.

Ronald picked one and held it to Annabeth. "Annabeth, do you think this is it?"

"I don't think that's Squeaker, no," Annabeth replied.

"How can you tell it's not him?" Ronald asked.

"Um, it's a her!" Annabeth said.

"Oh!" Ronald began looking for Squeaker again. As he searched, Ronald swore nothing would happen to him this time.

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