Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


4. Skirmish In The Gym

Later, Principal Antilles was giving a lecture about poisonous creatures.

"...and so, many creatures have toxins in their body, so they won't get eaten. Can someone give me an example of a poisonous creature?"

Ronald was the first to raise his hand. "Ooh! Ooh!" His hand was so high, it almost skimmed the ceiling.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?" Antilles replied.

"The krayt dragon of Tatooine," Ronald replied smugly.

"Incorrect," said Antilles. "Krayt are venomous, not poisonous. The krayt delivers its toxins by biting, but poisonous creatures deliver their toxins by being touched or eaten."

"Ha! You're stupid!" said Vernon.

"Oh," said Ronald, staring at his desk.

After school that day, Ronald and friends chatted on Facebook. The conversation went as following:

BILL R: Hey Ronald, have you ever eaten krayt dragon before?

  RONALD P: No, I hear they're pretty hard to find. And I hear they taste awful!

  VERNON D: Especially because they're venomous!

  RONALD P: Ha, ha.

  PANSY L: Ron doesn't eat krayt dragons. He fears them! Such a coward.

  SEVERUS U: I think Ronald was bitten by a krayt dragon, and it made him stupid.

  VERNON D: Are you sure? Maybe he was ALWAYS stupid.

Everyone seemed obsessed with Facebook, but Ronald merely saw it as a source to cyberbully people. He also didn't get how the Padawans had so much time to update, on account of having so much homework. Ronald thought he could save time by tutoring with P-3TO, but then he figured that would only made homework take longer, because he would end up spending so much time listening to him. He started working with Annabeth instead. The teachers also seemed to be giving the students more homework than before.

There was also another school dance. As Librarian Lackbar explained, it was a "Satine Hawkins dance, where girls will ask boys." Ronald thought it would be good, because he thought he could spend more time with Annabeth if she asked him out. We can even hang out afterwards, if she doesn't have plans...

Later that day, the Padawans all played dodgeball together. One team held Ronald, Bill, Ammon, and Greer, and the other held Annabeth, Severus Umbridge, Mary, and Tegan.

The game began, and balls flew through the air constantly as the teams hurled balls at each other.

After dodging an overhand from Mary, Ronald noticed Severus at one side. He threw the ball hard toward Severus' side, eager to score him out.

However, Severus dodged it and the ball flew further until pow! it slammed into Annabeth's face.

Annabeth began to cry as she rubbed her bruised cheek. Tegan Courtney rushed over, leaving Severus and Mary to worry about the team. After all, he'd already scored Bill out. "Geez, Ron!" she said.

"Oh no!" Ronald shouted. "Annabeth, I'm so sorry!"

Just then, Severus walked up to Ronald. "Nice move, Ron." Knowing the game wasn't over, he dropped his ball on Ronald's head. "You're out."

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