Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


15. Saving Annabeth

The following night, Ronald and Ammon sneaked out of bed and headed down to the garbage compactor.

"Do you think this'll work?" Ammon asked.

"It did last time," Ronald whispered.

"You're right," said Ammon. As Ronald did a quick 360, Ammon pushed a button on the wall. A slide appeared behind the durasteel passage. "Jump!"

Ronald leaped after Ammon, and they were soon tumbling down a slide. Both screamed in terror as they descended.

Ronald's screaming continued as the slide encountered many twists and turns. Ronald's arm suddenly brushed past a button, and the slide opened and took them further down. "Oops!"

"Now, what did you do?" Ammon asked.

"Nothing!" Ronald insisted.

They landed with a thunk at the bottom. To their surprise, it was not trash at the bottom, but a spacious basement. Both of them rushed into the adjoining room. There, Ammon pointed. Annabeth's corpse lay ahead.

Ronald rushed toward her. Bending over, he began to panic. "Annabeth, please don't be dead! Wake up! Wake up!"

And suddenly, Annabeth disappeared. Ronald looked up. It was an illusion!

And then Darth Tenebrous revealed himself! He was Darth Vadermort's apprentice. It was a trap! Ronald thought. And I've fallen right into it.

Darth Tenebrous stepped forward and extended his hand. Ronald felt a surge in the dark side, then he plowed into a wooden board and was chained to it. Next to him, he noticed Darth Tenebrous had done the same to Ammon.

Darth Tenebrous turned and used the Force to uproot a cauldron from the ground. Then he opened a red bottle and poured its gruesome contents inside. He used the Force to tear a piece from Ronald's Jedi robes to use in the potion.

The potion began to sizzle and bubble. A moment later, Darth Vadermort emerged, appearing very much human. He felt the piece of Jedi cloth that was on his head and flung it aside.

Darth Vadermort looked around and cackled. "I require my lightsaber," he told Darth Tenebrous. Tenebrous handed him his weapon. "Do I detect an artificial core?"

"Yes, Master," said Darth Tenebrous. "When your lightsaber proved faulty after 7 months of disuse, I had to replace the batteries a month ago. The crystal broke, so I added a self-made core to power it."

Darth Vadermort's expression was impossible to read under his mask. And then he said, "Good job."

"Thank you, Master," Tenebrous replied.

Now rearmed, Darth Vadermort walked over to Annabeth. "Oh...what a pretty girl."

"Don't touch her!" Ronald screamed.

Darth Vadermort turned. "Oh, I almost forgot you two were here!" As his Master spoke, Darth Tenebrous seized Annabeth in his arms. Darth Vadermort continued, "The loyalty you two so frequently display adores me. You may have been able to defeat me before, but you will not be able to beat me. Things have changed.With that, Darth Vadermort freed both of them. "Grab your weapons, children!"

"What?" Ammon replied, landing on the ground.

"I will give you a fair fight," said Vadermort. "The only rule is: no Force-cloak or Force-speed. Only telekinesis and lightsabers, or, if you prefer, lightning. Draw your swords."

Ronald stared on in shock.

"I said, draw them!" Vadermort repeated.

"Just do it," Ammon whispered, subsequently igniting his own weapon.

"Where is Annabeth?" Ronald asked.

"Don't worry," said Darth Vadermort. "My apprentice, Lord Tennebrous, has her."

Ammon looked ahead and saw Annabeth struggling in the Sith's arms. After looking back toward Ronald's position, he charged at Darth Vadermort. Cackling, the Sith released a barrage of Force lightning and blasted Ammon aside before turning to Ronald. Realizing he could not wait for Ammon to recover, Ronald began to circle Vadermort. Without a word, the villain attempted to blast Ronald with another bolt of Force lightning, but Ronald held up his lightsaber instinctively and grounded the blast on him. 

Drawing his lightsaber and angling the blade into a guard position, Darth Vadermort awaited Ronald. Ronald promptly charged at Vadermort and attacked, but Vadermort quickly deflected Ronald's initial attack. He barely needed to move to parry Ronald's subsequent jab.

After blocking an attack on his legs, Ronald kept a firm grip on his weapon and attempted to launch another offensive, but Darth Vadermort easily brushed off his overhand and unleashed his own frenzy of attacks. Ronald was viciously driven back, barely able to protect himself; his exhaustion began to tell in harsh gasps. Despite his own valiant efforts, Ronald simply could not find an opening.

As Ronald blocked a leaping slash from Darth Vadermort and countered, he realized there was only one thing to do. It was destiny or fate. He Force-pushed Vadermort to the ground and rushed over to free Annabeth. Before Darth Tennebrous knew it, Ronald's lightsaber cleaved through Annabeth's bonds. He grabbed Annabeth's arm and they rushed toward Ammon.

Suddenly, a ship arrived, flying low towards the fight with the boarding ramp extended. Ronald didn't waste a moment. He grabbed Ammon's arm and leaped onto the ramp. Annabeth leaped after him and the ship took off, leaving Darth Vadermort fuming in the basement.

Ronald looked over, and was shocked to see Squeaker was at the wheel! Squeaker squeaked happily. He was gripping one lever tightly, using his antenna to control the second. Ronald was shocked motionless to see the little voorpak had saved them.

"Squeaker?" he asked in awe.

The voorpak squeaked.

As they rode, Ronald said, "Hey, Annabeth...I just want to apologize."

Annabeth looked confused. "For what? Saving my life?"

"Well, things just got a little out of control this year, and then I thought something was happening that wasn't, and then I started acting--"

"Selfish? Mean? Bratty? Snippy?" Annabeth interrupted.


A ghost of a smile crept over Annabeth's face. "Rude? Arrogant? Neglectful?"

"Yeah...pretty much all of those. Sorry." Ronald paused. "How's your dad?"

"He's got a new medical droid that's been working better for him." Annabeth smiled and put an arm around Ronald. "Thanks for asking, Ron."

"You're welcome," said Ronald. His face suddenly soured, and he sighed. The deed has been done, then. Darth Vadermort has returned.

When the ship landed, Ronald was already feeling distressed. Yoda, Mrs. Hilton, Eegan, Mr. Maulpres, and Bill were already waiting.

Ammon stepped out first, followed by Annabeth. When Ronald came out, he was in tears.

"Happened, what has?" Yoda asked.

"He's back! He's back!" said Ronald. "Darth Vadermort is back! He kidnapped Annabeth and tried to kill her!" He fell to the ground. "I couldn't let him! Not her!"

"All right, it is," said Yoda. "Safe, she is. Safe, you all are!"

"Not for long!" Ronald wailed. "The Dark Lord has returned!"

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