Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


11. Power Of The Dark Side

For the droid construction project, the Padawans were picked randomly on a computer. However, Ronald felt it was playing a trick on him. His group included Severus Umbridge, Greer, Pansy Lestrange, Vernon Dudley, and him.

Now he was torn between following along with what everyone else wanted to do, or get them to listen to him, which sounded impossible. This project's destiny is total disaster.

Later, the team minus Ronald was at a table talking.

"...he said that?" Severus asked.

"I know, right?" Pansy replied. Severus snickered.

And then Ronald walked in.

"Oh, look, Ron's finally here," said Vernon.

"I thought we were meeting at 5 o'clock?" Ronald asked.

"No, we changed it to four," said Severus.

"You'd better not be late next time," said Vernon. Ronald took his seat. "I don't want you messing up my grade!"

"So, what should our droid look like?" asked Severus.

"Ron, you're creative," said Vernon. "What do you think?"

Ronald looked confused. "Uh, well..."

"You don't have to tell us now," said Severus. "Why don't you draw a few ideas and show us tomorrow?"

"Good idea!" said Pansy.

"Thanks, Ronald!" said Severus, and left with the others. Ronald just looked on with shock.

When he returned to his dorm, he decided he would do best working independently at this point. After his homework, Ronald decided to take a walk outside. But the moment he stepped outside, he remembered Darth Vadermort's attempt to kill him. But he didn't let that stop him. Darth Vadermort was dead, after all.

He began to circle the Jedi Temple, a rather long walk. He walked around a bend and saw a glint of blue.

What the...?

He moved forward for a closer look. It was a notebook. At first notice, it looked perfectly normal to him.

On second notice, however, he realized something. A notebook couldn't just be here. It's just blank space. Maybe I should take it with. He picked it up and left with it. After circling part of the Jedi Temple, he returned to the front, retracing his steps until he walked back inside.

When he made it back to his dormitory, Ronald placed the book on his desk. He opened it and sighed. At the top, it said:


Ronald opened it, but a ghost suddenly emerged and howled at him! Thinking quickly, Ronald shut the book. This also incapacitated the ghost and forced it back inside.


Later, Ronald was cooking for the other Padawans in Home Economics. "Make us a good chow" was Gammy's order.

Ronald had the meal boiling in a pot, but just as he was getting a bowl he saw it was burning. He applied the spice. "Oops, that may have been too much!" He smelled the milk Gammy's recipe had required. I think this isn't expired?

When all the Padawans got a share, none of them liked it. However, Gammy loved it. After eating the first half he said, "GRUNT?" He smiled. "MMPH PLUS!"

"What?!" said Vernon.

"How is that possible?" June seconded.

"You guys just don't know who you're cooking for," Ronald replied.

The following day, Ronald prepared to join the team in their work building the droid. However, on the way, he was intercepted by Tegan Courtney.

"Ronald!" she said, huffing. "Your dormitory! I don't know who did it, but come look!"

Ronald followed her down to his dorm. Once inside, he was shocked at what he saw. Books were laying around, his chest had been emptied, and his backpack was nearly destroyed.

"What do you make of it?" asked Tegan.

"I don't know," Ronald replied. "Whatever they were looking for, they found it. Thomas Slovak's notebook is gone."

"I know," said Tegan. "You should rejoin your team. They're waiting for you."

"Yes, I know," said Ronald, and headed down to find them.

Afterwards, the team all got to work building the droid. It was an elaborate training droid Ronald had designed.

"Hey, Ronald," said Severus, "do you know how to connect these arm cables?"

Ronald took the pieces and put them together. "Yeah, like this, and here we go."

Severus smirked. "Thanks, Ron, you're the best!"

"Ronald, I have a secret meeting," said Pansy. "Can you finish assembling this droid head?"

"Um, sure," said Ronald.

"Thanks!" said Pansy.

Vernon held out a sheet of paper. "Ronald, I can't figure out this diagram. Do you get it?"

"Let me see," said Ronald. He scanned it. "Easy, we just hook these up here, and--"He turned. "Wait, where is everybody?"

Lately, every time Ronald tried to hang out with Bill or Eegan, they said they were too busy. Ronald had hardly talked to Annabeth either, who he assumed was hanging out with Ammon all the time. He asked Tegan what she thought Annabeth thought, but Tegan just told him to talk to her. So on his way to class, he tried. When he spotted her, he called her name.

"Oh, Annabeth! Annabeth!" She didn't even turn. "ANNABETH!"

"Hm?" said Annabeth. Finally, she turned her head. "Oh, hey, Ron."

"I was calling your name," said Ronald. "Are you ignoring me?"

"I didn't hear you, sorry," Annabeth replied. "I'm late to meet up with Ammon."

"It just seemed, like, you were ignoring me lately. I mean, you're..." Ronald wasn't quite sure where this was going. "Why are you...I thought you..."

Annabeth looked frustrated. "I said I was sorry, Ron, geez." She turned. "I've got to go."

The whole thing was a disaster. On the bright side, I'll get better grades this semester, because all I ever do is study, and not hang out with friends. He had been hanging out with Severus and Vernon more, mostly because of their project. At the start of the year, he never imagined working with them, let alone leading the project. Two days before the presentation, Severus said he should hang out with him and Vernon. Ronald asked Severus what they were doing and he just shrugged.

The next day, after P.E., Ronald chose to join Severus as planned. He met Severus by an array of wall-mounted school pictures.

"Hey, Ronald, did you bring your pens?" Severus asked.

"Yeah," said Ronald.

"Let me see one," Severus replied. He used the Sharpie to draw a wig on Yoda.

Vernon snickered.

"Ron, you're good at drawing," said Severus, "you should do one!"

"I don't think we should--" Ronald began.

"You have to do Mr. M!" Vernon interrupted.

Ronald sighed and drew a large mustache and emotionless unibrow on the photo of Mr. Maulpres.

Ronald giggled. Severus laughed with him before saying, "Let's do them all!"

Before long, all the photos were drawn over. Every single student and teacher now had a weird hairdo, a funny mustache, extra facial features, or all of the above. Kitnum, Draco Goyle, and Silva had talking bubbles. All three began to giggle and snicker at the photos. Until--

"Hey! What's all that noise?!"

Ronald gulped. "Run!" he whispered. They broke out in a sprint and hid behind a wall just as Librarian Lackbar turned the bend.

Her mouth fell open as she saw the pictures. "Who did this?"

We are so cool! Ronald thought. Beside him, Severus and Vernon giggled.

The following day, they would present their project. Returning from the doodling, Ronald looked over the droid from every angle. Everything was in check! They'd even be able to use it to train for the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament. Since everyone else in the group usually wore dark robes, Severus suggested Ronald should present the droid in dark robes too. He had some robes Ronald could use that didn't fit him anymore; in height Ronald was a foot shorter (he was 151 centimeters tall). Ronald thought they looked pretty cool. The hood totally owns! That was pretty nice of him. Vernon also suggested Ronald should name the droid, since it was his idea. He called it the Multi-Armed Simulator Droid. So they called him M.A.D.S.

On the big day, everyone showed their droids. Ammon, Eegan, Bill, and Annabeth showed their cafeteria droid, however, it poured food all over them. Embarrassed, they slunk away.

"That was a most interesting cafeteria droid we just saw..." Principal Antilles commented. "Seveurus Umbridge, Pansy Lestrange, Ronald Potter, Vernon Dudley, and Greer...would you like to present your droid?"

Severus and the others stepped up, and M.A.D.S. rolled up behind them. "Thanks, Principal Antilles," he said. "As you can see, this Multi-Armed Dueling Simulator droid--or M.A.D.S.--is designed for training and preparation in lightsaber dueling."

"It's full of specialized functions," said Vernon.

"Each arm is covered with lightsaber-resistant foam padding," aid Ronald. "The multiple optical sensors can detect a full 360 of movement. By combining a swivel torso and wheeled feet, the droid is super mobile. And the center target tracks points earned in fencing."

"And now, Greer will demonstrate!" said Pansy. Greer ignited his lightsaber and slashed at the droid several times. "I will destroy you!" said M.A.D.S. Utilizing Form V, it dodged the attacks. "Prepare to lose!" It blocked another barrage of attacks. "Give up, puny Jedi!"

Finally, Ronald deactivated the droid. Greer put away his lightsaber and turned.

"And after training sessions," said Pansy, "M.A.D.S. can serve tasty beverages to trainees!" At her words, M.A.D.S. produced five sealed cups of hot chocolate and passed them to the team.

"And now, let's hear it from M.A.D.S.!" said Ronald, holding up one of the droid's arms. Everyone cheered and applauded.

"Cool, Ron!" Severus whispered.

"You're awesome," said Pansy.

Their droid recieved the best grade in the class. Prinicipal Antilles also seemed impressed at how much work they put into it. Ronald also seemed to hang out with Severus and Vernon more often. Not only did he think they were cool now, they also had video games he'd never even heard of. Way cooler than the games Eegan had showed us.

Later, he passed June, Bill, and Eegan.

"Hey, Ronald," said Bill. "We're going to the gym to practice. What are you up to?"

"Actually, I'm going too," Ronald said, "with Severus and Vernon."

" you wear the dark robes to copy them?" June inquired.

"No," said Ronald. "They're really comfortable."

"See you later," said Bill. As Ronald walked away, he tripped on the cloth under his boot, prompting June to chuckle. Ronald fumed.

Later, he got back on Facebook, and unknowingly for the last time.

YODA: Your favorite class, which is, hm?

AIDAN: I think this semester, I really liked Art of Physics.

TEGAN C: I've been enjoying learning to cook in Home Economics.

  PANSY L: Really? From the taste of your cooking I thought you hated food.

AMMON K: I think it's kind of silly, but I still like Using the Force 101 with Master Yoda.

  VERNON D: You just like being the teacher's pet. What a suck-up.

  SEVERUS U: Ammon doesn't want to be a Jedi, he wants to be a Yoda groupie!


ANNABETH S: My favorite class is Starfighter Flight Training.

  SEVERUS U: You're a horrible pilot, so you could use more training for sure.

  AMMON K: Why are you guys always so negative?

  JUNE B: Yeah, if you don't have anything nice to say, then you shouldn't say anything.

  VERNON D: Sorry, didn't mean to make all you babies cry. Waah!

Fortunately, Ronald had a plan this time. He got onto a different chat. Severus and Vernon won't follow me there. But with them being his friend, and not picking on him, he began to question the necessity of the action.

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