Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


8. Parent Teacher Conference

Before the year's Spring Break, Parent Teacher Conferences were to be held. Between the session, parents would stay at the Coruscant Hotel nearby.

Ronald was quite excited for it, which was the next day. He'd finally get to see his grades, and his family. He also thought it would be fun to show Oliver around, since he was always so impressed whenever Ronald used the Force at home. Ronald was confident about his grades, since he'd been working so hard and his skills in Starfighter Flight Training were improving.

After his parents arrived, Ronald began to show them around. The first person he introduced them to was Master Yoda.

"This is Master Yoda," he said.

"Ronald's parents, you must be, hmm?" Yoda replied. "Proud, you should be. Learned much, he has. Still much more to learn, he has. Not yet complete is his training."

Mrs. Potter looked confused. "Oh, good?" As Oliver raised his hand, she whispered to Ronald, "Ron, does he mean you're doing good?"

"Have a question, your brother does?" Yoda asked.

"Can I be Jedi too?" Oliver asked.

Yoda giggled and patted his head. "Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is."

"We can go to the cafeteria for lunch now," Ronald said. As they followed him away from Yoda, he added, "Just be sure to stay away from the noodles, vegetable soup, slug salad, dragon nuggets...actually, maybe it's best if we don't eat."

"No, Ron. We're eating," Mrs. Potter replied.

Mr. Potter paid him no more mind than his wife did. In the cafeteria, they got in line. Once it was Oliver's turn, Ronald said, "Hold up your plate, Oliver."

With that, Gammy dropped a pile of slug salad onto Oliver's plate.

"NOO!" he said. Then he took his spoon and, holding up the line, ate it quickly. "Want more!"

As Gammy laughed, Ronald shook his head.

They all ate together at the table. Ronald expected Annabeth would sit with them, since her parents weren't even at the Jedi Temple. However, he didn't see her.

As for Oliver, he was sipping some greenish-brown water when Severus and Vernon showed up.

Uh-oh, Ronald thought.

"Hey, Mr. Potter," said Severus. "Ron says you're a pilot?"

"Yes, that's right," said Mr. Potter. "How are you two enjoying flight training?"

"Very well sir, thank you," said Severus sweetly.

"See you later, Ronald!" said Vernon, and left with Severus.

Mrs. Potter looked up at the kids, then back at Ronald. "Were those some of your friends, Ronald?"

Ronald frowned as he looked over his shoulder. "Severus and Vernon? No way!"

"They seemed nice."

"They're just putting on a show for all the parents."

"'re not doing that, are you?" Mrs. Potter replied.

After lunch, Ronald introduced them to Annabeth, as well as the other teachers. He was also shcoked Annabeth never came to lunch, though. Seriously. I didn't see her anywhere in the cafeteria. Ronald was a bit reluctant when he introduced them to Mr. Maulpres.

"This is Mr. Maulpres," said Ronald.

Mrs. Potter shook his hand. "Well? How's Ronald doing?"

"Terrible, at most," said Mr. Maulpres. "I gave him a "C," but he only deserves a "D+ for his pinheaded flight performances."

Ronald frowned. He thought Dad would be disappointed in him.

And then Mr. Potter turned. "Just stay focused, Ronald, and don't give up."

Ronald also got to meet Ammon's parents. They were really nice. They invited Ronald to come over for Spring Break, instead of returning to Tatooine. Mr. and Mrs. Potter agreed that he could. This would be the first time Ronald actually went somewhere besides home for Spring Break, opposite with Ammon, who usually went somewhere else.

Soon after, Ronald realized Annabeth had left home early for Spring Break. Why didn't she say goodbye?

Everyone really liked Oliver. They thought he was really cute, especially the girls.

What was especially odd to Ronald was Vernon and Severus. They were actually nice to him. They returned just as Ronald was saying goodbye to his parents, and even shook Mr. Potter's hand. He thought they were going to play some trick on him, but by the time they left, no harm had been done. They didn't even laugh when Mrs. Potter called Ronald "sweetie" and kissed his forehead several times before getting on board the shuttle for home.

After watching them go, Ronald returned to his dorm and made a map reciting Mr. Kendels' directions to Ammon's homeworld.

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