Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


12. In The Senate Chamber

Squeaker was lost, but it wasn't Ronald's fault. However, some people had been accusing him of it, especially Annabeth and Ammon. Under the circumstances, Ronald was surprised no one suspected Annabeth. Ammon had been mean as well, both on Facebook and in real life. He still hadn't talked to him about relations between him and Annabeth, and when Ronald got out of doing homework by pretending to be sick Ammon lectured him. It disturbed Ronald that Ammon never realized that was the first time he had spoke to him in weeks. The combat remote was also missing, and Ronald thought that Ammon must have stolen it.

A day after Squeaker went missing, the school paper confirmed the worst:


In an unexpected move, Facebook has been shut down by Master Yoda, due to the large number of mean and insulting comments appearing recently. As he had said: "Behave like this, Padawans should not. Off, Facebook will be, until better manners they learn." Master Yoda warned that while hate comments flow easily for some, they can be a path to the dark side. Students can still use e-mail.

Ronald folded it up and turned. He was at the lunch table with Severus and Vernon.

"Is something wrong, Ronald?" asked Pansy.

"No," said Ronald. "I just need to get something to drink." He stood up and walked over to the drink dispenser. He poured a cup of water and went back over with the gang.

"Ron, your drawings should be in the Coruscant Art Museum," said Severus.

"My comics?" Ronald asked.

"Sure!" said Vernon. "People will come to check them out from miles around."

Ronald took a bite of his sandwich. "Really? I don't know." At that note, his eyes welled with tears.

"What's wrong, Ronald?" Severus asked.

"Spicy..." Ronald mumbled. His voice raised in tone and volume. "HOT!" He seized his cup and sloshed it into his mouth. "Water! Water!"

His face drenched with sweat, he took off the bun and saw a chili pepper nestled on the meat patty. "Someone put hot pepper on my sandwich!" he moaned weakly.

"Wait...Ammon was just over here..." Vernon mused.

"Do you think he might have done it?" asked Severus.

"But why would he--" Ronald began.

"Maybe because he thinks you're trying to ruin his and Annabeth's love?" Vernon interrupted. "Or because you're sitting with us?"

"You should toss the pepper back at him!" Severus urged.

"Yeah," said Vernon. "He made fun of your robes, too."

"He called them 'hand-me-downs,'" Severus added.

Ronald nodded and threw the pepper at Ammon. It bounced off his head and smacked June in the face.

"Hey! Who threw that?!" June demanded angrily. Next to her, Ammon rubbed his head.

Severus and Vernon both pointed at Ronald. He gasped.

"You guys are jerks!" June shouted.

"Eat this, Ron!" Ammon shouted, and hurled a dragon nugget at Ronald. Ronald ducked and it continued into Vernon's chest.

Vernon growled, seized a handful of spaghetti, and threw it back at Ammon. However, the misdirected heap hit Tegan instead.

"Hey!" she shouted, and angrily threw one back. However, Ronald used the Force to direct it away. The dipped dragon nugget plowed into Greer, knocking him out of his seat.

Pansy jumped from her seat just in time to dodge a mushroom Greer hurled at her. She hurled a pile of spaghetti, knocking him down again. Greer accidentally slammed into Draco, tripping him.

As the fight began, Annabeth slipped under the table.

RW-12 deployed a cutting board to block any misdirected food from hitting him. P-3TO wasn't so lucky; he could only hope nothing hit him.

Draco then hurled more pasta at Eegan. However, he performed Force deflection to shield from it.

"Food fight!" Aidan Carter shouted, swinging piles of spaghetti in both hands.

At that note, Annabeth ran to get help.

Bill threw a handful of pasta at Ronald, but he missed and it hit the floor.

Attempting to rally, Ronald hurled a handful of fermented applesauce at Ammon. Ammon looked behind him, but before he could exchange the blow Vernon threw another nugget at him.

Just then, Yoda and Mr. Maulpres arrived.

"Stop this now!" Maulpres shouted.

"Ronald! Ammon!" Yoda said. "Come with me, you must. Now!"

Ronald and Ammon followed them down to the office. That quieted the fight.

Both sat on Yoda's discipline bench. As they sat, Ronald began to contemplate the events. This was Annabeth's fault. She was the one who got the teachers. And to think...

Wait a moment.

That's when Ronald spoke up. He's the one who put the pepper in my sandwich. "Ammon, this is all your fault!"

"My fault? You're the one who's been a jerk lately!" Ammon replied. "I thought you were my friend."

At that note, Yoda walked in. "Hmm. Disappointed, I am." He frowned. "To Ammon first, I will talk."

Ronald grumbled as they left together.


"Hey, Ronald, where are you going?" Vernon asked.

"I have to go on that Senate field trip," said Ronald.

"You should skip it," Vernon replied. "Check out this video! It's Gammy crying over spilled milk at the food fight!" He pushed a button, revealing Gammy standing in the center of the mess and crying lowly. "We're going to see if we can post it somewhere."

"It's hard with Facebook shut down," said Severus.

"Ha ha, look at Gammy!" Vernon gloated.

Ronald turned around. "Whatever."

"Aw, cheer up, Ronald!" Severus urged. Ronald stormed off.

"It won't be as boring as half of our classes," seconded Vernon.

Fifteen minutes later, the Republic cruiser flew several Padawans to the Senate building. After talking to the droid at the front, Yoda beckoned them to a nearby Senate pod in a hallway.

"See the Galactic Senate in action, you will!" he said. "Watch from our repulsor-lift seats, we will."

Ronald Potter, June Barton, Bill Reggan, Silva, and Draco Goyle climbed into the Senate pod with Yoda. It quickly whisked them into the spacious Senate chamber. They settled against the wall and listened. The meeting had already begun.

Senator Tarkin spoke first. "Before we address the medical aid bill, I would like to present a bill to customize our repulsor lift seats. The Toydarians are prepared to sign a contract to build these new repulsorlifts."

"Nonsense!" said a Twi'lek Senator. "These seats are perfect. New seats are unnecessary!"

"Master Poni the Hutt demands a seat suitable for his girth!" Poni's protocol droid insisted.

"We Quarren need a seat equipped with a swimming pool!" said the Quarren Senator.

"We Kaminoans think we should have more seats exactly like this one!" said the Kaminoan Senator.

"These seats are already too cushiony," said the Zabrak Senator. "They should be less soft."

"Ikeen nwab ba Ah-lyo ooh ah-ha peetwooza?" tha Jawa Senator demanded.

Finally, Silva spoke up. "Master Yoda, why are the Senators wasting their time on chairs?"

"So focused on themselves, they are, miss the bigger problems for everyone, they do," Yoda replied.

"They should work on the medical aid bill," June replied. "That would help Annabeth's dad..."

Ronald was shocked. "Annabeth's dad?"

"Yeah, you know, because he's been sick all year," June replied in a tone indicating that he should know.

"What?!" Ronald replied.

"That's why she didn't come on the Field Trip," June explained. "She and Ammon are making a care package."

Ronald eyed June with confusion. "Her dad is sick?"

"Ammon even made a special box to send everything to Annabeth's dad." June smiled. "I have the sweetest boyfriend."

"Wait, what? Boyfriend?"

June's face soured. "So anyway, it'd be great if they passed the medical bill."

Ronald looked away. His mind was racing. "Sick? Boyfriend?" What could this all mean?

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