Ronald Potter And The Gamorrean From Coruscant: Ronald Potter Year 2

Ronald's second year at the Jedi Temple. He finally survived his first year, leaving him to think his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't be more wrong. Ronald feels like he's drifting away from his friends, and it only makes matters worse when Ronald discovers he's not the extraordinary pilot he thought he was. When the school bullies take Ronald under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad...or are they? This year, Ronald will have to survive another encounter with Darth Vadermort, alien poetry tests, menacing robots, cyberbullies, more lightsaber battles, and worst of all, his apparently traitorous crush, Annabeth.


7. Field Trip To Hoth

Later, in a meditating class with Yoda, the students were doing their midterm tests. Ronald tried to concentrate, but suddenly noticed Draco peering over his shoulder.

Ronald gave him a cold stare, which prompted Draco to break contact for a moment. Then he continued to peek at his answers.

After class, Ronald was still sulking when Draco came running up to him. "Hey, Ron, can I talk to you?"

"What is it, Draco?" Ronald growled.

"I just wanted to apologize for looking at your answers," replied Draco. "I wasn't copying. I was just double-checking my own answers. I know you're smart. I wanted to see how I'm doing. I won't do it again."

Ronald wasn't buying it. "Well...okay."

Draco patted his back. "Thanks, buddy. I knew you'd understand."

Later, Ronald stumbled across two teachers talking.

"...need protection, the boy will," said Yoda.

"What does it matter?" Mrs. Hilton replied. "The Sith Lord is gone!"

"Return, the Dark Lord will," said Yoda. "And when happen, that does, protection Potter will need."

"It's a sign, Yoda," Mrs. Hilton replied sternly. "You know very well what it means. And–" She turned to see Ronald, who quickly fled.

Yoda went after him. "Your hurry, what is? Merely talking about your victory over Darth Vadermort, we are. Not bad, you are doing, since later you started."

Ronald knew there had to be more to it, but he couldn't admit that here.


Seven weeks after Ronald's return, all the Padawans went on field trip to Hoth. Growing up on a desert planet, Ronald had no idea how cold it would be. Fortunately, he brought woolly socks.

Their first activity was to look for vegetation on the planet. Before Ronald could ask, Annabeth teamed up with Bill, Severus, and Tegan. He went with Ammon, June, and Vernon instead.

"It's freezing here!" Ronald commented.

"It is an ice planet," Ammon pointed out.

"Look!" Ronald said. "Footprints!" He frowned. "Could be wampas?"

Ammon looked down. "Nope. Tauntauns."

"How do you know?" Ronald asked.

Instead of answering, Ammon pointed to a group of tauntauns grazing on a nearby hill.

"Come along," said Mr. Maulpres. "We must go."

"Yes," Yoda seconded. "Head into the cavern, you must. Sleep there, we will."

The children did. Inside, they all laid out their sleeping bags.

"While get moisture from the lichen, have specially adapted tongues tautauns do," Yoda explained. "Lick the icy walls without getting stuck, they can."

Greer smiled slightly, then stuck his tongue toward a wall. It wouldn't budge. Guess I'm not so lucky...

"Do you have your lightsaber, Mr. Maulpres?" Silva asked.

Maulpres frowned.

After more lecturing, they all went to sleep. However, Silva couldn't sleep, so while everyone else was asleep he got up and turned on the heat.


The next morning, Ronald woke up wet and to feel water droplets leaking onto his forehead. He sat up to see the entire room leaking water, and everyone else grunting in frustration.

What happened?

He saw water leaking everywhere. He sat up and squeezed water out of his blanket. Then he stood up and looked to see Mr. Maulpres checking the heat.

"Someone turned the heat to 85 degrees last night," he said. "Who did that?"

"I did," said Silva sheepishly.

"I'm very disappointed in you, Silva," he said. He turned to the thermometer and lowered the temperature. "Everyone, dry off your clothes. Then we can go sledding."

Everyone spent the rest of the morning drying off. While they did, Draco snuck outside. Ronald didn't even know he was gone until he came back and his damp arms had iced over.

"Draco, are you all right?" asked Severus.

"My arms won't bend!" Draco replied.

"Shouldn't we just leave him in here?" Ronald suggested.

"That's what the weak and hasty do," said Vernon.

"It was just a suggestion!" said Ronald.

"Hold up the team, no one person will," said Yoda.

"I think we should wait for him to thaw," said Mr. Maulpres, "just as we did for the rest of you guys. After all, no Jedi gets left behind."

"Agree, I do," said Yoda. "With Maulpres."

After Draco finished thawing out, they all went sledding, which proved to be a lot of fun. Ronald found a neat hill, and everyone took turns riding it. When Ronald showed the big demonstration, even Severus and Vernon were impressed by Ronald's big jump.

Ronald looked up. The only bad part's having to carry the sled back up...

Later, everyone returned to the quarters Yoda and Mr. Maulpres had set up. And suddenly, a numbing howl filled the air.

"What's that?" Silva asked nervously.

"It's probably just Kitnum playing a trick on us," Vernon grumbled.

"But Kitnum isn't on this trip," Ronald replied nervously.

Suddenly, a wampa showed up! All the Padawans shrieked.

"Don't move, children!" Mr. Maulpres said, and ignited his lightsaber. He deftly cut through a series of icicles. Using the Force, Yoda hurled them into the wampa's back before they even hit the floor. The ice still embedded in its back, the wampa fled. All the Padawans were amazed.

After the trip, Ronald got on Facebook again...

MRS. HILTON: What was your favorite part of the field trip?

AMMON K: The wampa attack was AWESOME, obviously.

EEGAN R: Sledding! I've never gone sledding before.

  RONALD P: I've never seen SNOW before, that was pretty amazing. And sledding.

BILL R: I like tauntauns--I wish I wasn't allergic and could have ridden one.

 SEVERUS U: Don't you mean you wish you weren't scared of them?

  VERNON D: The tauntauns are so stinky, no wonder Bill likes them.

  RONALD P: It was so cold, you couldn't really smell them, it wasn't so stinky.

  VERNON D: You couldn't smell them because of how bad YOU stink, Ron.

  JUNE: I'm surprised the tauntaun let you ride it, Vernon.

  SEVERUS U: My favorite part was seeing how goofy June looked on a tauntaun!

  VERNON D: IKR? The only thing goofier would be a tauntaun riding a tauntaun!

It was bugging him more and more, but this time he had seen it coming.

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