Ronald Potter And The Jedi Holocron: Ronald Potter Year 1

Ronald Potter's first year at the Jedi Temple. Ron's one dream is to leave home and attend Pilot Academy like his brother, father, and grandfather. But just as he is mysteriously denied entrance to Pilot Academy, he is invited to attend the Jedi Temple--a school that he didn't apply for and that only recruits 1-year-olds...until now. Now under the tutelage of Master Yoda, Ron learns that he possesses more strength and potential than he could have dreamed.


5. Using The Force

A week later, Ronald finally thought he had sensed the Force. He began to feel light-headed and weird.

He started talking nonsense in front of Ammon and Bill, then passed out. An hour later, he woke up in a bacta tank. When he came out, the medical droid told him he hadn't been eating enough or getting enough sleep. So he hadn't been feeling the Force; he was tired and hungry. Ronald knew that couldn't be his fault. Ronald wouldn't eat the weird food the cafeteria served at first, which included dragon nuggets, roasted tentacles, grasshopper soup, and other weird entrées. Yuck. He couldn't sleep because he was so overwhelmed.

Ronald still felt lost, in the literal sense as well. Unbeknownst to him, it took over a year for most Younglings to find their way across the Jedi Temple. When he got lost, he usually looked for a non-stranger and followed them. He soon learned not to go following Severus, Pansy, or Vernon, though.

On the bright side, most of the work was easy for him, besides feeling the Force. Everyone had advice, but none of it helped. Draco Goyle told him to find his happy place, Ammon told him to stop worrying and give it time, and Eegan just stared sympathetically.

On the second weekend of the year, Ammon was going with some of the kids, and passed Ronald's dorm.

"Hey, Ronald," he said. He was standing by the latter's door. "We're going to see a holomovie together. Want to come along?" 

Ronald was sitting at his desk, holding a pen. "No," he said immediately. "I really don't feel so good right now."

"Whatever works for you," said Ammon. "Come on, guys."

Ronald watched them leave. He was sure they would believe him after his passing-out incident. In reality he was just relieved to be alone and draw some comics.

So he was sitting alone, thinking about nothing in particular... and then it happened! His pencil lifted several inches above the desk, and Ronald gasped. Everything feels different, but the same... I guess I've always felt the Force, but didn't know that's what I was feeling!


A week later, the entire Bear Clan played soccer for fun in the gym. Severus had the ball, and had it near the goal. As Pansy cheered him on, Ammon rushed for the ball... but it never hit his hand. Ammon fell over, and the ball remained suspended in the air.

Ronald looked over. This feels familiar...

"Hey, who's doing that?" Severus asked angrily.

"Who's using the Force to hold the ball up?" Ammon seconded.

Ronald gulped. Pencils weren't the only thing he could lift...

Finally, he went inside. The ball dropped, and the game continued.

Ronald went up to his dorm, and upon sitting down, he was surprised to see a letter from Gregory on his desk. It said:


Sorry I haven't written in a while; we were on a training exercise in the Hoth system. You should be glad you aren't in Pilot Academy, we spent two weeks freezing on an ice planet! I was talking to the guys here about you going to the Jedi Temple and they were actually all pretty impressed. Not to put any pressure on you, but I guess it's a big deal. You'll get to do some cool stuff there. Don't let it get to your head, though. I'll still be a pilot before you become a Jedi!

~Gregory Potter

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