Ronald Potter And The Jedi Holocron: Ronald Potter Year 1

Ronald Potter's first year at the Jedi Temple. Ron's one dream is to leave home and attend Pilot Academy like his brother, father, and grandfather. But just as he is mysteriously denied entrance to Pilot Academy, he is invited to attend the Jedi Temple--a school that he didn't apply for and that only recruits 1-year-olds...until now. Now under the tutelage of Master Yoda, Ron learns that he possesses more strength and potential than he could have dreamed.


17. The Dark Side Beacons

It was hard for Ronald to remember class time so utterly wasted. Yoda might as well have been delivering the lecture in Geonosian for all Ronald was listening. It was hard to take in the info when tonight would be extremely intense, but extremely exciting. This was when they would fight against Darth Vadermort, when they would either die or save the galaxy.

The next evening, a Jedi cruiser flew to a remotely deserted section at the south edge of Galactic City. But this was no pleasure cruise. Mrs. Hilton was at the wheel.

Ronald sat in the passenger seat, and Ammon and Annabeth were sitting behind him. The pressure was getting to all three Padawans.

At the edge of the Sith base, outside a docking hatch, the cruiser landed. "Thanks for the lift, Mrs. Hilton," said Ronald. "Now, if one of us gives the signal, or we haven't returned in a half-hour--"

"Send reinforcements! Got it."

"I was going to say come in and help us," Ronald replied. "Remember?"

"Oh, yeah," said Mrs. Hilton. "Now get in there!"

All three Padawans rushed through the door. Mrs. Hilton watched them go.

Meanwhile, Ronald, Ammon, and Annabeth both made their way across the docking bay. But so far, neither of them were able to find anything.

"Wait," said Ammon. "Darth Vadermort is down here!"

"Are you sure?" Ronald asked.

"I can sense it through the Force," Ammon replied.

"Oh," said Ronald. "Your Force insight is better than mine. Let's go!"

They both rushed to the spot Ammon had sensed the dark side at. There, they saw the door. Ronald stepped forward and started tugging on it hard.

Finally, he stopped pulling and rubbed his hands. "Now what do we do?"

"Easy," said Annabeth. "We simply have to use the Force to lift it." She extended her hand, and the door lifted.

"Clever," said Ronald as he looked inside. Nothing but darkness loomed below. "Do we jump?"

"Yes," she replied. With that, all three jumped inside...and fell onto a couch.

"What's this doing here?" Ammon asked. The couch had a Sith symbol on it and was worn down.

"Probably so no one falls and dies," said Annabeth. "I don't think Vadermort knew Jedi could come down as well. Only the Force could lift that, thus stopping anyone else from coming in here."

Ammon shrugged. "You're the philosopher around here. Not me. Um, Ronald?"

Ronald had already climbed off. Annabeth and Ammon followed him into the dimly lit chamber. Ahead was a large doorway...and a droid guarding it.

"Come no further," it said. "I will only let you in if you can beat me in lightsaber combat."

"Is there a downside to this?" Annabeth said, mostly to herself.

"It probably weaves in a pattern," said Ammon. He stepped forward and drew his lightsaber. The robot produced a training saber, and clashed briefly with Ammon. Quickly recognizing its pattern, Ammon used sun djem to disarm it. Its weapon skidded across the floor and detracted.

"You are clear to enter," said the droid. "Welcome to the central chamber of the Sith. My master awaits you."

Ammon nodded and detracted his own weapon. "Are you saying that was some sort of test?"

"Only a welcome guest would have known my Master's secret," it replied. "To enter, they must use sun djem to disarm me in a duel."

"Right," said Ammon, and headed inside.

But when Ronald and Annabeth tried to follow, the robot halted them. "Only one can enter for a match," it said.

Ammon walked out. "What?"

"For defeating me, one is admitted inside. Not three."

Ammon looked at Ronald and Annabeth, and they returned his surprised look. "Who should go?"

"I think Ronald should," said Annabeth. "For all he's proved capable of in a year, he's probably stronger than both of us."

"I agree," said Ammon. "Ronald?"

Ronald nodded. "It's settled, then."

"Good luck," said Annabeth. "Please, just be careful. And if Vadermort tries to tempt you, don't give in."

Ronald nodded and left through the doorway.


Darth Vadermort was meditating inside the chamber when he heard strange voices. "It appears I"

Ronald took a step closer. "Darth Vadermort. Only you could be so bold."

"That's Lord Vadermort to you, Youngling," the Sith replied. He extended his hand, and ropes suddenly appeared out of thin air to bind him. Ronald tried to wedge free, but the ropes only bound him tighter. "Don't be a fool. Why suffer a terrible death when you can join me? I will complete your training, and together we will rule the galaxy."

"Never!" Ronald shouted.

Darth Vadermort cackled. "Give yourself to the dark side. It is the only way to save yourself and lead a good life. Your passion is strong. I know you want to..."

Ronald was unable to stop the Sith from accessing his thoughts.

"A pilot. Tell me, Ronald. Would you like to become a pilot? Together, we can make it happen. All I ask is for something in return. Give me your weapon, and I will make your dream come true." The Dark Lord reached out with the Force, and Ronald's ropes came loose.

Freed from the bonds, Ronald reached for his weapon. "That's it, Ronald..." Darth Vadermort whispered. "There is no good and evil. There is only power. Together, we can be the greatest team ever known."

Ronald's thoughtful expression soured, and instead of handing over his weapon, he ignited it. "You liar!"

Darth Vadermort ignited his lightsaber and rushed at Ronald. Ronald blocked the first move and attacked. Vadermort barely needed to move to parry the first three moves. Ronald then attempted to use an overhand power attack to overwhelm Vadermort, but the Sith Lord blocked the attack, maintaining a one-handed grip on his weapon. Ronald's attack resulted in a blade-lock, and it took every ounce of Ronald's strength to hold Vadermort's weapon away from his face. Darth Vadermort broke the lock by casually throwing Ronald to the floor.

However, Ronald quickly recovered and advanced. He cocked his blade briefly and then engaged in an aggressive series of attacks, driving Vadermort back and surprising the Sith. However, Vadermort soon counter-attacked, forcing Ronald back to the head of the stairs.

During a subsequent lull in the fight, Vadermort said, "You have learned much, young one. Your teachers have taught you well."

Taking that as a compliment on his increased dueling proficiency, Ronald arrogantly replied, "You'll find a power overload today!" Before he had even finished speaking, Ronald struck at Vadermort again, but Vadermort parried the attack and deprived him of his lightsaber with a quick flourish.

Shocked, Ronald rushed for his lightsaber and grabbed it. Realizing he had underestimated the Sith Lord, he decided to flee instead of fight back. But then Darth Vadermort used the Force to summon a ring of fire around them. Ronald was trapped.

Vadermort eyed Ronald. "There is no escape. You have one more chance. Will you join me? Your other choice is death."

"Never!" Ronald shouted back.

"Fine!" said Vadermort. He extended his hand and began to Force-choke Ronald.

How is he doing that? Gagging, Ronald reached out with the Force, but to no avail. Must...concentrate! Ronald tried again.

This time, it worked! Darth Vadermort fell backward and into the flames. Dead.

The connection broken, Ronald fell to the ground and clutched his neck. He quickly got up and walked over to the place where Darth Vadermort had fallen. He bowed his head deeply, then turned to leave. However, he noticed there were flames at every corner. How do I get out?

He soon had his answer. Mrs. Hilton had arrived. "I've got Ammon and Annabeth. They're safe."

"Oh, good," said Ronald. "Darth Vadermort is dead. But he set up this ring of fire to trap me before he died. Can you help me out?"

"Oh, sure," said Mrs. Hilton. She used the Force to part the flames. Ronald stepped through and looked over to her. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Mrs. Hilton replied. She took Ronald by the hand and made a leap into the air, assisted by the battered couch. They landed at the top, above the trap door. Annabeth and Ammon were waiting for him there. They were both very impressed.

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