Ronald Potter And The Jedi Holocron: Ronald Potter Year 1

Ronald Potter's first year at the Jedi Temple. Ron's one dream is to leave home and attend Pilot Academy like his brother, father, and grandfather. But just as he is mysteriously denied entrance to Pilot Academy, he is invited to attend the Jedi Temple--a school that he didn't apply for and that only recruits 1-year-olds...until now. Now under the tutelage of Master Yoda, Ron learns that he possesses more strength and potential than he could have dreamed.


13. Meeting P-3TO

The bus flew the Padawans back to Coruscant and landed in the same docking bay as before. Ronald climbed out and looked around. So good being home...wait, I just left my home! Awkward. Oh, there's Annabeth...

Waving his arms, he called after her. Annabeth turned, walked over, and gave Ronald a brief hug. "Hi, Ronald! How was Spring Break?"

"Good!" said Ronald, blushing slightly.

"Well, I'll see you later," said Annabeth, and trotted away with her suitcase.

" was yours?" asked Ronald, holding his arm up in a random gesture.

Just then, Ammon appeared behind Ronald. "Welcome back, buddy."

Ronald sighed.

Although most of Ronald's schedule was the same, he was also taking Mandalorian Poetry and Lightsaber fencing this semester.

All the warm and fuzzy feelings about being back only lasted Ronald for the first day. Everyone was still getting used to waking up for class, so Ronald hoped Yoda didn't assume his lecture was boring them. Yoda did have a talk with him after class, which was meant to cheer Ronald up, but only caused him self-doubt. What if I get another "D?" Will they send me back to Tatooine? Will they realize I don't have what it takes? After school was over, Ronald wandered over to Annabeth's dorm. Ah...nothing like cooling off in the air currents...

On the third day back, Ammon saw Ronald wandering over to his dorm and asked Ronald if he was trying to run into Annabeth deliberately.

"No," said Ronald. "Whydo you ask?"

"You've been wandering around her dorm a lot," Ammon replied.

"Wha? I just wanted to cool off! And the air vent was at the edge of the dorms, right next to Annabeth's room."

"Oh. OK. See you later, Ron," said Ammon, and skipped off.

Alas, Ronald thought Ammon might be right and he liked Annabeth. A little. Can't say anything, though. I'm sure she just likes me as a friend.

Ammon and Eegan had been practicing for the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament, and Ronald went to one of the practice sessions with them. However, it seemed to Ronald like they hardly knew what they were doing, as they looked like they were jumping around and twirling their sabers in different directions. He spoke up, and Ammon said they'd made it to one of the tournaments once before when they were six. He also said he'd give Ronald a few tips if he wanted.


At 12:00, Bill introduced the new droid assistant to the Padawans.

"...and so, the Robotics club would like to introduce our new protocol droid, T-3PO," said Bill. T-3PO stepped forward, and everyone clapped.

"Thank you, Master Bill," said T-3PO, and turned to the others. "It is a pleasure to meet you all! Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. I am here to teach you and help you with your homework. Sure most of you knew that. I was built by Cybot Galacta, which was brand-new back then. I served them before being bought by a kind master. However, he got a protocol droid later that had been tested and sacked me. I knew I needed a test too, and so just seven years after being manufactured, I went to Ossus, where I went through a vigorous test of will and ability. It was painful, but definitely worth it! And then I spent two weeks analyzing dialects of the commonly spoken language of Galactic Basic, after which I spent the next ten years learning two million languages, including Jawa, Geonosian, Togruti, bantha mating calls, Ewok, Huttese, astromech droid beeps, wampa, probe droid, and Ukraine." He looked ahead. To his shock, his rambling had literally put the students to sleep! "Oh, dear."

RW-12 beeped in agreement.

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