Ronald Potter And The Jedi Holocron: Ronald Potter Year 1

Ronald Potter's first year at the Jedi Temple. Ron's one dream is to leave home and attend Pilot Academy like his brother, father, and grandfather. But just as he is mysteriously denied entrance to Pilot Academy, he is invited to attend the Jedi Temple--a school that he didn't apply for and that only recruits 1-year-olds...until now. Now under the tutelage of Master Yoda, Ron learns that he possesses more strength and potential than he could have dreamed.


4. Fitting In?

Although Ronald had only been there for two days, he could already tell he didn't fit in. At least most of the students seemed nice to him, but because they'd been studying the Force for so long he didn't always know what they were talking about.

At first he thought the Force was another word for gravity, like a force that could not be felt. People had been using the phrase "May the Force be with you" on Tatooine. Ronald had always assumed that it was expression. It may have alluded to the forces of luck. For years, he had thought it was a phrase related to "Good luck" or "have fun." He had preferred not to use it.

But now he knew the Force was an actual force. A power that the you could use. Well, that Jedi could use.

He knew he would do lightsaber training, which at the time he thought would be the only fun part of the school. Although he had met several teachers at orientation, he could only remember three of their names - Yoda, Kitnum, and Mr. Maulpres. He could already tell Mr. Maulpres didn't like him, mostly because of how he stared at him during orientation. He was so overwhelmed that he could remember none of the other names.

Everyone spent part of each morning just feeling the Force, but Ronald wasn't having much luck with that. He wasn't quite sure what to feel in the first place. What did the Force feel like?

On the fourth day, Ronald still didn't know where he preferred to sit at lunch, or how to unlock his locker. As a Togruti named June Barton passed him, he continued to fiddle with the locker com that he knew, but could not unlock.

As Ronald continued to struggle, hopelessly turning the knob to the three numbers, Annabeth passed him.

"Ronald, do you need some help?" she asked.

Ronald tried to force a smile. "No thanks, I've got it!" he said immediately. Annabeth shrugged and trotted off. As she left, Ronald took one last look at his locker, then stuffed all his books in his backpack. With a heavy backpack and filled hands, he headed off to class.

Bill was sitting next to Ronald. When he saw all of Ronald's books, he was surprised.

"Ronald, why did you bring all your books with you?" he wanted to know. "You should leave some in your locker."

Ronald didn't know what to say. "I like to have them with me," he finally managed. "In case I need them. You never know when you might need all your books!"

Bill shrugged. "Oh. Okay!"

Lunch wasn't much different. Holding his lunch tray in both hands, he found Severus and Pansy at the edge of a table. "Um, excuse me," he stammered, "do you think there's any room for me to sit here?"

Severus saw his chance and replied, "Sure."

By then, Ronald was taken in by Pansy's face, although no one else thought she was pretty. She looks amazing. "Um, where?" he finally spat out.

Severus rolled his eyes, then pointed. "Right there. You can sit right there."

"Where?" asked Ronald, following Severus' finger.

Severus' smirk grew. "Right there. On the floor. You can sit on the floor."

With that, he and Pansy began to laugh.

Ronald left, confused. That's not even that funny.

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