The Dungeon

A young woman is trapped in a dungeon. That's how it started out... but then... you came along, and things got interesting.

Note: This is an interactive book, the choices the readers make will affect the storyline. Pick your choice of action and display them in the comments.


4. Wakey, wakey, eggs and batshite: pt 3

Those noises sounded weird, there was no way you were going to stick around to find out what lied around the corner, that was a typical horror movie mistake!

You run away from the light, back to the dark path, you're too scared to slow down you can still hear the inhuman screams and laughter following you, echoing through the tunnel. As you run on your left foot hits something hard- probably a rock, and you twist your ankle on accident.

You cry out in pain before you fall forward onto the cave's spikey ground.

Just your luck. You push yourself back onto one foot and hop, you were hoping to support yourself against the wall but when you reached out to the darkness you met no solid form. You lose your footing and fall into an abyss, right when you were beginning to think it had no end your body smacks against something hard.

Instant death....mmm....what a shame... would you like to try again?

-Bad End 1: Instant Death



~~~~Take a look around the corner?

A. No, run the hell away

B. Yes

C. Take a peek

D. Wait, then take a peek.

E. Walk away quietly, then go back and take a peek.

F. Freeze

Something tells me this will be a long journey so I'll take back what I said. You can restart as much as you like (^_^)



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