The Dungeon

A young woman is trapped in a dungeon. That's how it started out... but then... you came along, and things got interesting.

Note: This is an interactive book, the choices the readers make will affect the storyline. Pick your choice of action and display them in the comments.


3. Wakey wakey, eggs and batshite: pt 2

You look around the corner just in time to see the sniffing figure. A fellow human being!

Sure he was a bit dirty, indecently dressed and covered in what seemed to be crud but if you stayed here just as long you'd probably end up all dirty and smelly too... you choose to look past this and you approach the creature carelessly.

"Um, hello?"

The creature turns around and all certainty leaves you as you gazed into the creatures soulless eyes. They might have been human once, sometime long, long ago but now they were no different from an animal.

The man smiles when he sees you, before you can runaway he slings you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

You have encountered a cave man, lucky for you he's not a cannibal but he's been feeling lonely for quite some time now. Now that you're here he's no longer bored. You can bare his babies whether you like it or not and raise cave children together, at least you get to keep your life for a while right...?


Your chances of finding your way back home are now close to absolute nil because your husband will never let you go.

-Bad End 2: The Cave Man's Waifu

Checkpoint: Dark Tunnel Restart

~~Take a look around the corner?

A. No, run the hell away

B. Yes

C. Take a peek

D. Wait, then take a peek.

E. Walk away quietly, then go back and take a peek.

F. Freeze


The choice is yours to make, chose either A,B, C, D, E or F in the comments. Depending on the choice you make the protagonist could die but... I'll be generous and make this place a checkpoint.


Next time I won't be as generous, if you would like to save your progress comment checkpoint before making your decision.

checkpoint: Dark tunnel




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