The Dungeon

A young woman is trapped in a dungeon. That's how it started out... but then... you came along, and things got interesting.

Note: This is an interactive book, the choices the readers make will affect the storyline. Pick your choice of action and display them in the comments.


2. Wakey wakey, eggs and batshite: pt 1

You open your eyes only to see nothing. Darkness surrounds you. Nothing abnormal about that, right?

You reach to turn on the lamp that was on your night stand only to grope nothing, you must be too far away - why was your bed so uncomfortable?

You sit up only to see that it was too dark for your surroundings to be your bedroom and your mattress was too stiff and solid to be -well, a mattress.

What were the odds that this wasn't your bedroom and you weren't dreaming?

You can't see anything so you decide to crawl towards something- anything, there was a path before you and behind you - you continue onwards until you began to see a light far away. It was too yellow to be sunlight so it must be from a flame

Without thinking you race towards the light only to slow down as you near the corner.

It sounded like someone was eating up a storm. The smacking and slurping was followed by inhuman screams and something that sounded like burping and sniffing that seemed to be getting closer and closer.

Take a look around the corner?

A. No, run the hell away

B. Yes

C. Take a peek

D. Wait, then take a peek.

E. Walk away quietly, then go back and take a peek.

F. Freeze


The choice is yours to make, chose either A,B, C, D, E or F in the comments. Depending on the choice you make the protagonist could die but... I'll be generous and make this place a checkpoint.


Next time I won't be as generous, if you would like to save your progress comment checkpoint before making your decision.

checkpoint: Dark tunnel

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