The Girl In The Mirror.

Jemma was your ordinary teenage girl. But she had a secret. She was a magic wielder. Until one day, she went overboard trying to make a potion. She was punished by being stuck in a mirror cell. She must stay there until true love can break her out. Will she be able to find true love soon enough, or will she go completely insane?
(Slow updates)


3. The World Outside.

I heard someone distantly calling my name. I fluttered my eyes open. My vision got clearer within a minute. But this wasn't the dark musty corner of my cell. This was a room. It had baby blue walls and nice furnishing. I looked over. I saw my mirror. I suddenly stumbled back as a vision came through to me. "Congratulations. Your time is up. You are now released back to the world outside." I came back to reality. My body shook. I couldn't speak. I just sat down on the bed. The room looked familiar. Then it hit me. It was Ashton's room. I decided to go outside. I slowly opened the door. "Ashton?" I whispered. I heard voices speaking downstairs. I crept down the stairs. I went toward the voices and stopped outside the door. I looked in and saw four boys sitting there. My eyes widened at the thought of other people. I had a mental debate whether or not to enter. My thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped on my shoulder. "Are you okay? Are you looking for someone?" The guy asked. "I-I.. Um.." I took a deep breath. "I'm looking for Ashton. Do you know him?" He laughed. "Of course. I'll tell him to meet you outside. Through that door and to the left." He pointed at a brown door. "I'm Ricky. Ricky Dillon." [AN: I don't even know if they know each other in real life, but I love Ricky Dillon, so he's appearing here! :D] He outstretched his hand to me. I took his hand and shook it. "Jemma. Jemma Leighson." He nodded towards the room. I smiled at him and followed his directions to the door, and I stepped outside. I flinched as the warm air surrounded my body. I adjusted to the temperature change, and sat down in a nearby chair. I heard the door open and close. "Hello?" I heard a soft voice call. "Ashton?" I asked. "Yes, where are you? Better yet, WHO are you?" He asked and squinted through the dark of the night. I stepped out of the shadows. He gasped. "I thought you couldn't get out unless you found true love." I shrugged. "I guess they couldn't kill me, unless I did something REALLY wrong." He chuckled. "Well, you can't really go in dressed so formally. It wouldn't look right. So, I think there are some clothes up there that were my cousin's. They might fit you." I nodded and snuck back upstairs. I found where the clothes were, and of course I picked black. I slipped on a cropped shirt that had a sun on it, and some aqua-coloured shorts. I chose a black pair of wedges to go with it. I walked downstairs, only to see..



I am so sorry I basically just disappeared from the face of the Earth. I know it's been almost a month, but school started, and.. Ugh. I can't even. I'm a nerd. You ever met a nerd who hates school? Didn't think so. Anyway. Leave your rants at me in the comments, because I read and try to reply to all my comments. So if you're mad, I can take it, just leave it below. And if you still love me.. Then just rant about your day. I like to hear about you guys, I love you guys SOOO much. I can't even explain. Anyways, I'll see you next time! Baiiii!

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