The Girl In The Mirror.

Jemma was your ordinary teenage girl. But she had a secret. She was a magic wielder. Until one day, she went overboard trying to make a potion. She was punished by being stuck in a mirror cell. She must stay there until true love can break her out. Will she be able to find true love soon enough, or will she go completely insane?
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1. The Buyer.

I slept in the corner of my cell. I was startled awake by the cell shaking. I got down on the floor and crawled toward the mirror. I peeked out and saw someone was carrying it somewhere. I went to my small mirror and looked at my reflection. My black hair was sleek and pretty. My pale features showed I hadn't been out in a few years. My makeup was black, only to compliment my dress. The dress was a formal dress that I could clean with magic. It was long, with a tail part. It showed my shoulders. I looked down. You could see my ribs. If I didn't find true love soon, I would die. Oh. You thought I could feed myself with magic, didn't you. Nope. That's one of the things my mother didn't get to teach me before she died. She was punished by death for bringing another vicious dragon into the world. The dragon was destroyed later on. I was hoping this buyer wouldn't just get creeped out and sell my mirror again. The mirror shook again and I fell down and slid back into a wall. I screamed in pain as I hit the wall, full force. I inhaled sharply as I got up. I closed my eyes, and summoned some healing magic. I felt better instantly. I looked out the mirror. A boy was looking into it. A two-way spell was on it. He couldn't see me. Only himself. He was handsome. With his light brown hair and hazel-brown eyes, I was about to take off the spell. I caught myself. "Not yet. Not yet Jem." I said. "Who was that?" The boy said. I gasped. He turned toward my mirror. "Who was that? Show yourself." He said coldly. I waved my hand over the glass. The spell had been taken off and he could finally see me. I tapped on the glass. He turned towards me. "Who are you?" He screamed in fear. "I'm Jemma. The Girl In The Mirror." I said and looked down.


Did you like the first chapter? I had the idea for this after I thought I saw another girl in a different room in my mirror. I was hallucinating, of course. So comment, like, and favourite! Byeeee!

- Shad0w💚

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