The Girl In The Mirror.

Jemma was your ordinary teenage girl. But she had a secret. She was a magic wielder. Until one day, she went overboard trying to make a potion. She was punished by being stuck in a mirror cell. She must stay there until true love can break her out. Will she be able to find true love soon enough, or will she go completely insane?
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2. The Boy Outside.

"What are you?" He asked. I chuckled slightly. "I'm basically your average 19 year old girl, but I'm a sorceress." I say gently. "Oh, well I'm Ashton." He says. My mouth gapes open. "You're not scared of me?" I question in disbelief. He shakes his head. "I always thought things like magic were cool." He chuckles. I smile. Someone finally accepted me. "Are there any others like you?" He says. I nod and smile. "Many others have been in mirror cells as punishment. For thievery, lying, and murder. All from the Magic Council." I said. "I for one was put in after a spell went overboard and almost destroyed the entire city." I laughed bitterly. "Now I'm stuck here." "There must be a way to get you out." He said. "True love. I have to find it before I die." I said and looked down.

Ashton's POV --

She looked down. My stomach did flips. She was the most amazing girl I'd ever seen. Her sleek hair, her flawless features. I was surprised I wasn't drooling already.

Jemma's POV --

I watched Ashton as he stared off into the distance. "Ashton?" I asked. "You okay?" He came back to reality. "Oh, yeah. Just lost in thought." (If you can comment what Disney movie those lines are from, you win the shoutout question! More about this in the A/N.) He said. I felt something tug on my shoulder. It was a mini-soul. One of the ones tortured so much, it grew small. "Sing." It whispered and flew back into the group of mini-souls I had just now noticed. "Ashton?" "Yeah?" He asked. "Do you mind if I sing for these mini-souls?" I asked. He looked at me. "Mini-souls?" He asked. I quickly explained it. "Oh... Yeah, I don't mind. As long as I get to listen." He said and smirked. I sighed and nodded. I sat down on my small chairs. I cleared my throat and began.

Taken way too soon, I'm not at all what used to be.

Shifting in a box, the past is nothing more than just a dream...

Now I hear the call of evil growing once again.

I'm powerless to change your fates, but in the end, I'll shelter you, my friends.

Tonight, we roam. And if they listen really close, they can hear us sing our song.

And I can't give you back the things you had,

But you don't have to do this on your own.

Even if you're never going home,

You're not alone, you're not alone.

You're not alone...

My voice trailed off when I looked through the mirror and saw Ashton, with his mouth gaping open. "Was I that bad?" I asked. "N-no!" He stammered. "You were amazing!" "Ashton! Dinner!" A voice yelled. "Dinner. What is it?" I asked. "You don't know what dinner is?" He asked. "Food? Have you ever eaten?" "Not in 10 years." I replied sadly. "That's why you need to get out. You might starve." He exclaimed. I nodded sadly. "My last bit of healing magic was used up a week ago." "I have to go, but I'll be back." He said. He left the room. I put a quick cloaking spell on the mirror. I sat in my favourite corner. I put my head in my hands. "He'll never love me. Ever. No one ever has. Why would he? I'm going to die here and no one can help me." My voice trailed off as I felt a surge of wind pass through my cell. Then everything went black.

// Song credits to TryHardNinja, The Puppet Song //

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