Fleet of Flags

Join Thomas' crew on his pirate journey to conquer the Government and of course, earn some money.


1. La Palma, 1716



"I'm sick and tired of the Government doing as they please," Thomas said. Thomas Darling, young but intelligent he wanted to stand up to the harsh life and poverty that everyone lived in, apart from them. Apart from the Government's horse shit laws and tax collectors almost weekly visit with different excuses each time to take money from people that they didn't have, that they never had.

"I'm going to put a stop to it, James, I'm going to be a pirate and earn me self a wonderful life full of money and riches so I can say goodbye to this place, once I'm rich I never want to see La Palma again." He added before finishing his pint of ale and getting up from his chair.

James looked at him as if he was crazy, "Get yer head out yer ass Darling, there's nothin' you can do against this, you becomin' a bloody buccaneer, for Christ's sake what are you thinkin'?" James hadn't finished his drink so remained seated as Thomas rose out of the chair that belonged to the Dusty Sailor Tavern.

"I will not sit down and take this hornswaggle from the Government that is supposed to be helping us, I want a grand life for me own without interference from any Government whatsoever. I've had some practice and experience sailing a ship me only problem is gettin' me own."

"Do you even know the punishments facin' a caught pirate, eh? Do you even know what will 'appen to you if you are arrested by this Government?" James took another mouthful of ale and continued, "a bit o' hempen halter will be put around yer neck and you'll be 'anged, in front o' the whole bloody town. An example will be made out o' you."

With that he finished his drink and left the Tavern, he shouted back, "you 'ave fun with the pirate's life, try not to get caught stealin' money for yer boat o' crap. I don't want to see you hangin' in the middle of this shit 'ole."

That was his goodnight and farewell, because Thomas knew getting the money to get started wouldn't be easy but he would try and give it a bloody damn good shot.

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