Hold Me While I sleep

17 Year old Lana, is what every guy looks for in a girl.
She's attractive, intelligent; and way too sarcastic for her own good. At school, the 'relationship' shared between herself and the star rugby player, Kenneth, their closeness changing with each school week.
But when eccentric new boy, Noah, shows up, Lana begins to receive a series of letters she never expected to get.
That leaves only one thing; who's leaving the mysterious love notes?
And who really means them?


2. What I Hate

Lana's P.O.V:

I hated people.

There was no other way to put it, even when trying to make myself seem somewhat pleasant. Most days, I was able to withstand from bitching or completely cold shouldering people at school, but other times, nobody was that lucky.

I reminded myself of this as my legs forced me across the hustling cafeteria, and I took a place towards the end of the queue for lunch, behind a couple of year eleven girls. They both had their faces covered in a more than generous amount of make-up, with their black pleated school skirts hitched way above their upper thigh. One of the girls had a pair of hooped earrings in, which were more like dinner plates than jewellery.


As I stood besides them, they both turned briefly to look at me, before giving each other bemused looks and giggling. My lips curved into a crude smile, before mocking their giggles nastily. Lets just say, they turned around after that.

As previously mentioned; I really hated people.

Once I got to the front of the dinner queue, and the two girls disappeared off to pay, I pulled up a tray and ordered the same as I did everyday - a small bowl of chips and salad. The dinner lady gave a smile as I thanked her, and then walked off towards the payment booth.

"That'll be two-ten," The woman had a nasal voice, and picked at her long nails as I passed over the coins from my pocket, her eyes not moving to meet mine. Why a dinner lady required false nails was beyond me, but that said, I never was much of a girly-girl, so I didn't see a lot of things. She accepted the coins, and I walked off, the small bowl carefully placed on the tray as I made my way to a table at the far corner of the dinner hall. 

"Lana!" A small boy with a tuft of orange hair which stuck up above his head grinned in my direction. The girl next to him looked up as I slid my tray onto the table opposite them, her face beaming back at  mine. "Heard some beautiful things about you earlier..." The smile on the boys face didn't so much as waver.

I shrugged in reply.

"Is it true?" The girl had a timid voice, and her eyes flickered back over to the orange haired boy, as if nervous to speak openly. Her eyes were wide, and I felt a pang of jealousy at the vivid green colouring they had to them.

As a person, I was so painfully plain - blonde hair, slate grey eyes, and skin the colour of the British sky. I always looked ill, yet somehow, people still found me attractive.

"Is what true?" I answered her question with a second question, nonchalantly picking up one of the slim fries and putting it in my mouth.

Pushing back a rebel strand of auburn hair, she laughed quietly, flecks of red blossoming across her cheek bone.

"You know..." Eyes darting downwards, she laughed again. "You and Kenneth?"

Coughing, I leant forwards, feeling the fry lodge in my throat as I gasped in shock. Even while I was dying, the only thought passing through my mind, was; that imbecilic asshole.

The flame headed boy leant across the table, to whack his fist with some force against the spacing between my narrow shoulder-blades. With a loud cough, I felt the piece of potato fly from my throat, and land back on the plate that I had eaten from.

"Jesus, Lana," He said, his pale eyebrows knitted together in a concerned frown. "Try and stay with us,"

"I'm trying," Muttering, I let my eyes drop to the green tray. From the other side of the room, the sound of raised voices could be heard, a common occurrence at the High School I had stayed at to take my a levels.

After a moment of silence, the girl opposite me cleared her throat, her slanted eyes focused intently on mine.

I looked up. "Yes?"

"I mean..." Jesus Christ, this girl was a nervous wreck. "Is it true?"

Until then, I wasn't aware that it was possible to aggressively eat a chip, yet somehow, I managed just that.

"Maybe," At my reply, both of my friends glanced at each other, before fixing me with similarly confused looks. "Nick, don't you dare look at me like that,"

The thin bodied boy grinned slightly, sitting less hunched than the girl besides him. His pale green eyes sparkled with humour, and he cocked an eyebrow.

"I got to give it to you, Banana," He chuckled, eating his own lunch as he did so. "You're full of surprises,".

Where his sister was soft boned with a gentle scattering of freckles, Nick was pale, with bones sticking out at awkward angles. Where the redness of her hair was subtle, and cascaded in waves, Nick's constantly looked unbrushed, and screamed 'look at me'.

But he was the closest friend I had, and even his sister couldn't beat that.

"Oh, you know me," Ignoring the blushing face his sibling besides him, I shared a knowing look with the boy. "Also, eat with your mouth closed, you pig,"

"Hey, at least I only look gross when I eat," His voice was low, surprising for the childlikeness of the boy. "You and Naomi are both just gross, like all the time,"

With one swift movement, the quiet girl beside him jabbed Nick just below his ribs using her elbow, causing him to buckle over, his face turning a dark crimson.

"Try not to blush any more; don't want to be bursting any more brain cells," Naomi sneered, standing up and pushing back her chair. She pulled her bag up from between her feet and put it on her back, before stalking away from the table, her head held high.

Once she had disappeared out the large double doors to the big hall, Nick turned to me, pulling a face.

"That's it," He said, sighing. "She's one hundred percent, definitely, on her period,"

"Tactful," I commented, finishing up the salad on my plate. I was cut short by a loud crash, and more shouting. As I stood up, Nick raised an eyebrow. "Dude, I'm finished, and I can't think its that loud in here."

"Fair enough,"

"Want to come to the library with me?" I asked my friend, putting my black and white checked rucksack on my back and picking up the tray. Looking back at Nick, I could see him desperately trying to collect his vast quantity of textbooks, his face flushed with colour.

I walked away from the table, dropping the tray into the bin without taking the knife and fork off of it. Making my way through the hall, I could see a crowd of people surrounding the corner of the room to the right of the doors.

Teachers forced their ways through to the middle, only to be pushed back by onlookers who all attempted to see the same thing.

"Lana, where on ea-" Cutting Nick's speech off, I pressed my hand over his mouth. His warm breath tickled my palm, and I kept it there as I looked back over to the growing crowd of kids.

In an attempt to get through, one teacher had succeeded, and slowly students began walking away as the sound of a teacher shouting could be heard. Eventually, the crowd split, leaving what everyone had been so interested in become apparent.

"Young man, stand up," The teacher bellowed, pulling a boy up from the floor. He was my maths teacher, and was not someone kids tended to mess with. As the boy was pulled from the floor, I realised with a shock who it was.

Kenneth had a deep gash in his olive coloured skin, and as he stood up, he spat blood at his feet, near to a second person who was still sprawled on the floor. My stomach fluttered, as I caught sight of a mess of white blonde hair.

"Jesus, who's he got on the wrong side of this time?" I hadn't realised that my hand had dropped, but I made no attempt in stopping Nick from speaking. The look on Kenneth's face was enough to keep me entertained.

The maths teacher walked him to the door, a firm grip on his upper arm as Kenneth attempted to shake it off. He didn't so much as glance up at me as he walked out the canteen, his face a mask of fury.

A second teacher had made his way over to the blonde haired individual on the floor, who was standing up by himself. As he stood, his true height was revealed, as he loomed over even the tallest people in our school.

The boy made his way over to the door besides me, the teacher in close pursuit; at closer range, I could see that half of his hair had been dyed a pastel blue, making the slightest smile tug on the corners of my lips.

I could almost hear the sound of 300 teenage girls turn their heads as he walked across the room, me being one of them. He was stunning, with strong features, and it was clear from the way that he moved, that the boy worked out.

He was the definition of hot.

As he got closer, he raised his unmarked face, his dark eyes meeting mine just as he passed. The seriousness on his face seemed to melt away, and was replaced with a lop sided grin. His eyes crinkled at the corners, as they studied me, causing me to stand up straighter, uncomfortable under his gaze.

Once he left the room, I was left with my heart beating in my throat.

"What the heck was that about?" Nick asked, his eyebrows raised up into his mop of orange hair.

I didn't know how to answer.

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