Hold Me While I sleep

17 Year old Lana, is what every guy looks for in a girl.
She's attractive, intelligent; and way too sarcastic for her own good. At school, the 'relationship' shared between herself and the star rugby player, Kenneth, their closeness changing with each school week.
But when eccentric new boy, Noah, shows up, Lana begins to receive a series of letters she never expected to get.
That leaves only one thing; who's leaving the mysterious love notes?
And who really means them?


8. That Bastard

Oliver's P.O.V:

Monday mornings sucked ass.

Especially, when you were still given the God awful title of, 'The New Kid'.

The label pretty much made me a social recluse; well, that and the fact that I knocked a guy clean to the floor an hour after setting foot in the building.

Jesus, I'm that guy that only a month ago, I would have ripped apart, I thought sourly.

And, you would think that after a week of the same boring shit, that something a little interesting could possibly happen. But, rest assured, I was still hating it.

Pushing past various kids as they migrated out of their classrooms like geese, I winced - the shrill cry of the bell indicating the start of lunch was bound to damage my ears soon. A girl beside me apologised as she hit into my arm whilst walking briskly through the crowd. Her auburn hair was twisted into a delicate knot on the back of her head.

"Don't worry about it," I murmured just loud enough for her to hear once she had slowed by me to say a quiet sorry.

Glancing back at me, the girl bit her lip slightly, before hurrying on her way down the corridor.


She was kinda hot though.

I swung my rucksack onto the one shoulder, turning slightly just in time to catch sight of a familiar head of blond curls.

She stood by the lockers, leaning against them as she faced a painfully red headed boy. I'd seen her with him before, but had no idea who he was - he looked a lot younger than us.

"Oi, banana!" I called, walking over to the two individuals with a lazy smile splayed on my lips. "Fancy seeing you here,"

The girl rolled her eyes with a slight sigh, not so much as glancing at me. Instead, she turned on her side, so that she could rest her head on the metal locker behind her.

"Oh," The boy spoke in a flat tone, fixing me with an icy glare. "It's the rainbow shit,"

Pushing my chest out, I narrowed my eyes on the stranger. "You what..?"

"Oh, both you you, stop it," Lana snapped, jabbing both me and the other boy in the ribs. We both complained slightly, muttering curses under our breaths.

"Well?" I asked once I had regained my breath, raising an eyebrow at the boy. "Who is he?"

"Didn't your parents ever teach you any manners?" She replied to my question with her own. Snazzy. "This is N-"

"I'm Nicholas Stellenbosch," The boy cut Lana off firmly, his face expressionless as he spoke.

I introduced myself with my hand held forward. "Oliver," I replied, dropping my hand after being cold shouldered by the flame thrower. Now who had no manners? "Exotic surname you got there..."

"It's German you uncultured swi-"

"Nick!" Lana frowned at her friend before he could finish, causing him to look away sheepishly. The girl muttered something under her breath, before turning around to face the locker which she had been leaning on.

Her fingers worked at unlocking the padlock on it, before it swung open, revealing a surprising stack of books.

"You're very educated," I said pointedly, as she sifted through them and pulled out a few selective books.

"More than can be said for you,"  Nick commented quietly, earning a swift backward kick from Lana, before she slammed her locker shut and faced us.

Her usually pale cheeks were flushed, and she had bought her books up to her chest.

"I'm going home," She whispered quietly, her eyes seemingly interested on the lino flooring beneath her feet. "I'll see you tomorrow, Nick," 

Pushing past the both of us, she disappeared amongst students, ignoring our remarks about it only being lunch time.

She looked distressed... But then again, I wasn't too good with girls.

Well, unless you counted... never mind. 

"You've gone and upset her," I stated with a sigh, turning to see Nick facing me with a cold glare.

"It wasn't me, you idiot," He snapped, frowning so that his pale eyebrows dipped under the rim of his glasses.

"Then what was it?" Ass I posed the question, it seemed more aggressive than I had intended.

"She's gotten another note, you complete twat,"

"A note..?"

Sighing slightly, Nick pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. He was either pissed off, or truing to stop his glasses falling from his face. I couldn't tell.

"Whatever," He eventually spoke, shaking his head as he turned from me. "Bye,"

I watched as he too disappeared into the crowd of people, where just moments before, Lana had gone.

Today was just full of surprises.


Lana's P.O.V:

Staring at the small pieces of card scattered across my bed, I held back a sob. My cheeks were warm, dampened by salty tears. My sheets had been decorated with dozens of pieces of red, pink and violet. The sight of them made me want to vomit.

I hate lilac, I thought, wiping tears from my lips.

I love you...

Let me make you mine...

I watch you... everyday.


Another sob escaped as my lips parted slightly, only vaguely stifled by a balled up hand that I had pressed against them.

Why wouldn't they leave me alone?

This wasn't admiring... This was stalking! And to a ridiculous extent, too.

It made me feel sick - the pink, the red, and that good awful violet... They only got more obsessive as the days went by.

But... who?

Kenneth? No, this wasn't his style - the boy was way more direct than this.

Nick? Jesus, the thought almost bought a smile to my face.


Then, who?!

Unless... no.

Shoving the thought from my mind, I pulled the waste paper bin out from under my dresser, swiping all the pieces of paper away from my bed and into the netted plastic.

Trash: that was what it was.

I was suddenly overcome with a wave of tiredness, to which I accepted as I fell back down onto the bed. Laying on the soft sheets, I closed my eyes, before feeling a slight stab into my bare legs.

Leaning down, I pulled my hands back up to my face, to reveal a small, lilac, piece of card.

Italicised letters stared back at me, causing me to throw the paper onto the floor, and pull my duvet over my head with a strangled cry.

Those three words, bought nothing but nausea into my mind.

I see you.


Author's Note:

I'm so sorry about the late update! I'm such a bad person...

Hugs to all of you for me being a dizzy cow.

Tell me what you think <3

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