Hold Me While I sleep

17 Year old Lana, is what every guy looks for in a girl.
She's attractive, intelligent; and way too sarcastic for her own good. At school, the 'relationship' shared between herself and the star rugby player, Kenneth, their closeness changing with each school week.
But when eccentric new boy, Noah, shows up, Lana begins to receive a series of letters she never expected to get.
That leaves only one thing; who's leaving the mysterious love notes?
And who really means them?


3. Mate, I will bribe you.

Oliver's P.O.V:

"This is beyond ridiculous, son," Leaning against the window, my breath steaming up the cold glass, I ignored the rant's of the man in the drivers seat. "Not one day, and you're already causing fights, which of course I get called out of work for. May I remind you that I work so that you can have a better life, and this is the way that you repay me,"

Rolling my eyes slightly, I turned to glance at the man, who was now fixing me with a look as he got to a red light, his eyebrows knitted into a frown.

"I'm not joking, Oliver," He continued, causing me to let out another of my practised sighs. "What are you doing about that face monstrosity? Or how about getting someone to sort your hair so that you don't look like a fucking slush puppy,"

"Dad," I turned to look at him properly, using my tongue to play with the face monstrosity that he spoke of; a single thin hoop on my lip. "They don't have a code on that shit here - this school's basically the opposite to the other one you made me go to last year,"

"Because you got off to a much better start here..." My father gripped the steering wheel, his knuckles white.

I was surprised that he wasn't swearing as much as normal. The Scottish man loved nothing more than whipping out a few un-godly profanities; especially when it involved my behaviour.

If you asked me, that kid totally deserved it.


"I don't even know what your mother would say if she could se..." I cut him off before he could finish in an irritated tone.

"Yeah, well pity we won't find out, isn't it," I snapped, looking out the window to the buildings which passed. "Look, dad, I messed up... Okay?"

"You don't bloody say," He replied in his thick accent, pulling in front of a house by the side of the road.

As he parked the car, I pulled my rucksack onto my lap, looking up expectantly with my hand braced on the door-handle.

"What's for dinner?" I asked, flashing a toothy smile.

"Get the fuck out," He muttered, turning back to the road. As I got out the car, he called after me, flicking on his indicator back into the road. "Tell your Nan I said hi,"




She was fast asleep when I eventually navigated my way through the many bushes which had grown over the path way in the front garden, so I scrawled a rough note, big enough that she could read it.


Gone for a walk,

Be back soon,

Oliver - your favourite grandson.


Leaving my bag on the kitchen counter, I slipped my wallet into the front of my leather jacket, before leaving the house just as it had been when I came; my grandmother sleeping soundly, and the television blasting reruns of Coronation Street.

It was as if I had never even been there - not that dad had to know that all the way from his house.

And it wasn't like he wanted to be the one to give poor Gran a heart attack when he told her about my little incident on the first day of term. I certainly wasn't going to hop on that bandwagon either.

I hadn't been in the area for long, but on the way back from the school, I had clocked the off-license on the side of the road, the tacky lettering something which made my heart yearn for something special. It wasn't too far from the bungalow either, so within ten minutes I was already stood outside the familiar building.

The bell rang when I entered.

I wish I was always greeted by bells, rather than screams of my victims.


Walking over to the counter, I pushed my shoulders back, puffing out air nonchalantly.

"Hi mate," The guy behind the register raised an eyebrow at my greeting, not bothering to stand from his seat. "Could I get five-hundred grams of Amber Leaf?"

"Have you got an ID?" He asked in a bored tone, looking back down at the magazine on the counter in front of him.

"Yeah, yeah..." Pulling my wallet from my front pocket, I rummaged in the different slots. Eventually I let out an exasperated sigh. "Ah, fuck... I can't find it," I shrugged as if to say 'it happens'.

"I can't serve tobacco to a minor," The man explained. I clocked his appearance; he had on a jeans and a t-shirt, and his face was un-shaved. Dark circles surrounded his eyes, and his figure seemed hunched. 

Definitely someone who needed the money.

"Look man, I'll pay you a pound extra," Holding out some change, I nodded at my hand. 

"You're fucking kidding me, right?" He asked, although his eyes darted nervously towards the door.

Sighing, I put the change back, and pulled out a ten pound note. After a moments hesitation, a scowl painted itself across his harsh features, and I put the money back.

I left the shop with a Mars bar, my face set in a grim line.

This fucking town was going to be dead.

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