Hold Me While I sleep

17 Year old Lana, is what every guy looks for in a girl.
She's attractive, intelligent; and way too sarcastic for her own good. At school, the 'relationship' shared between herself and the star rugby player, Kenneth, their closeness changing with each school week.
But when eccentric new boy, Noah, shows up, Lana begins to receive a series of letters she never expected to get.
That leaves only one thing; who's leaving the mysterious love notes?
And who really means them?


5. I decided.

Lana's P.O.V:

Sat in German, hiding in the far corner of the room near the window, I pushed my headphones into my ears, dimming the sound of the talking students.

The woman who ran the class, was short, squat, and more than a little chubby, and since I'd joined their lesson at the beginning of A Levels, I had learnt that she couldn't control teenagers for shit. She could stand at the front of the room with an unfathomable amount of condoms and an 'I agree' petition - she would still be just as unfortunate.

She stood at the front of the room with a frown on her face as she kept repeating for the class to be quiet.

They wouldn't.

Kenneth was sat in the seat in front of me, still not speaking to me after he found out that I had been told about all the shit he had been spreading around school about me. His eyes momentarily met mine as I glanced up from my Kerrang! magazine, only to look away soon after.

After a few minutes of me sat quietly with my magazine, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Pulling my headphone from one ear I sighed. "What?" I snapped, looking up as I let out yelp. "You!"

"Hey there, sunshine," Oliver looked at me, a sly grin on his face. "Can I sit with you?" Kenneth turned in his seat, his mouth open slightly, squinting at the tall boy who had already slid my bag of the chair besides me, and his arse in its place. "You can retract your jaw really far, are you sure you aren't half anaconda?"

"Shut your trap, dildo," Kenneth replied, but he turned back around to the group of friends who were at his table.

Laughing, Oliver ran a hand through his hair, which now not only contained blue, but streaks of pale purple.

"He's right you know," Looking at me, the boy raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. "You are a bit of a dildo really,"

"Well you know," He replied between chuckles. "Everyone loves a good dildo,"

"Do your work," I said, after watching the boy for a moment with a questioning stare.

"How can I concentrate, when there is the world's beauty before me?" Oliver stared at me, his dark eyes surrounded by a generous amount of thick lashes as one corner of his mouth turned up into a cheeky smile.

Punching him in the arm, I grimaced.

"That might work for all the girls out there," I muttered, scowling slightly. "But you look more of a tit than anything,"

"Damn girl," He pulled a hand to his chest, looking wounded. "You sure know how to shoot a man down..."

"Do your work," I repeated for the second time, rolling my eyes and sticking my headphone back in. 

Oliver did leave me in peace.

For all of about twenty seconds.

I saw his hand move in the corner of my vision, as he placed something under one of the pages of my magazine.

Looking up to see a wide grin on his face, I glanced down to see a large roll up on the table.

"Did you roll that?" I asked him, picking the cigarette up and studying it. It almost looked like a splif, it was that large.

He replied by widening his smile - if that was even possible - before nodding towards it. He looked so pleased with himself it was ridiculous.

"Dude, you're genuinely so shit at rolling," I stated, as I slid it into the front pocket of my bag. His smiled faltered slightly, giving him that wounded-puppy look, and causing me to look down. "I can help if you need me to?"

"I was hoping you didn't smoke really," He muttered, pouting slightly. "But if it's of benefit to me, why not?"

"Narcissist," With a grin, I put my head phones back in.


Oliver's P.O.V:

That was it.

My fingers were just too useless.

Putting a small amount of tobacco onto the thin paper, I attempted to roll it in one smooth motion; but given the size of my hands, and the dumpiness of my fingers, lumps formed.

It looked like I was a stoner.

"Why don't you just get straights?" Lana asked with an exasperated sigh. She surveyed the table which we were sat at, which was littered in torn papers and loose tobacco, from my many attempts.

"This is more fun," I replied, giving her what I hoped to be a heart stopping smile. It was boring that the girl seemed uninterested in my charm, as she flicked a piece of something or another off her shorts. "Plus, I get to watch you,"

"Okay, Olly, that's weird," She raised an eyebrow as she watched me, a stray strand of her blonde hair falling over one of her eyes.

The girl was undoubtedly, pretty; but not in that stereotypical way.

Yes, she was blonde, with what could be considered blue eyes, but as Hitler as she was, she was also odd.

Her features looked strange together, yet on her bony body, they some how suited her. Plus, her pale skin was the colour of milkshake, and lets just say I'm a fan of McDonald's.

"Olly..." I mused slightly, grinning. "I like the pet name, sunshine,"

"Fuck you,"


For a moment, we both looked at each other, me with a sly smile on my face, and Lana with ever heating up cheeks. She coughed slightly, looking down in an attempt to get away from the situation.

It was cute.

Funny, almost.

And I was so gonna screw her.

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