How I Met My Best Friends

Well, this is how I met my awesome best friends... so yep.


3. Our Best Friends Day


               Well, that's our story on how I met them all. Oh! (Note to my friends...) Our besf friends day is in eight days! (I WILL be expecting presents!) Anyway, I love you guys more than you could imagine and here's how I see each of you:

Taylor (youngest / ladies first!): adventurous, daring, dangerous, smart, awesome, beautiful, dirty minded, and squad. 

Landon (ladies first!): immature, funny, a wimp (it had to be said...), awesome, beautiful, and squad. 

Logan (save the best for the last): bae, mature (most of the time), squad, beautiful, awesome, and I seriously think you're a spy... always giving away info to me about Landon's love life... 




If I do not recieve gifts, do not be surprised if an elephant either 

A) throws a brick at you

B) throws you out of a window

C) throws Landon at you

(Sorry Landon, but it must be done!) 


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