How I Met My Best Friends

Well, this is how I met my awesome best friends... so yep.


1. How I Met Taylor


               Taylor and I met sometime in the seventh grade. It was a normal new year and I was assigned next to her in... I believe four classes because of our last names. We met early in the morning when she pretty much ran me over trying to get past me. 

"Watch we're you're going, bitch." Yeah, that's the first time I met her.

She rolled her eyes and left. 

*skip to first class*

"Now, class, go find your name on a desk. That's were you'll sit." The teacher had told us. 

I found my desk, sat down, and waited to see who I'd sit by. Then, she came in. Taylor found her name, looked me up and down, and reluctantly sat. "I forgot to return the name calling, Bella," She read my name tag. "Bitch." 

I rolled my eyes this time and that's kind of how the first day went. 

*skip to about seventh week (in fourth period; social studies)*

"Now, class. You will be working with th  person next to you to create a poster board on your own country and doing a paper on the laws, name, states, cities, how the government works, and etc. I will give you a sheet of things to fill out, too also, add to your paper. It's due in three weeks." 

Me and Taylor shared a death glare and agreed to meet over my house after school. We met up and went to my house to "start the project", but we ended up talking. 

"So, what do you like to do for fun?" She had asked me.

I went to my closet and brought out my skateboard. She jumped out of her chair. 

"No way! Me too! Want to go to the skate park?!" She like, yelled at me. 


And just like that, we were best friends. We ended up getting a terrible grade, though. 



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