How I Met My Best Friends

Well, this is how I met my awesome best friends... so yep.


2. How I Met Landon And Logan


(Took place maybe three or four months after I met Taylor)


               It was Taylor's birthday, actually, when we met the guys. She decided to hang out with me, her grandma, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my two sisters at the skate park. 

We were having a somewhat friendly competition and letting the adults give us scores when Taylor took notice in two guys watching us. She pulled me to the side (and being that kind of girl), she told me there was two cute guys watching us. Now that I think about it, once I publish this everyone will know Taylor thought the guys were cute when we first met them. (Aww!) I gave a thumbs up and went back to my tricks and heard one of them cough something when I was close enough to hear. I circled around and stopped in front of them, Taylor following close behind. 

"Excuse me?" I raised an eyebrow. 

"I said," he gave a fake cough. "Show off." 

Taylor and I smirked. "Show off, huh?" 

"Let's see you two try. Be right back." I went to tell mom that we were going to have a competition, boys vs. girls with these people and they were going to judge, then I came back. "We're having a competition. Boys vs. Girls. My parents and her grandma will judge. Let's go." 

We competed and ha ha, girls won. 

*skip to after our victory celebration*

"Well, good job. You won by two points." Logan said. 

"Two points are a huge difference in the pros." Taylor pointed out. 

"She has a point." Landon said. (He's the one that called me a show off.) 

"Duh, she does. She's the awesome, weirdo, birthdag gal." I said. 

"It's your birthday?!" The guys jinxed. 

"Yeah. I'm thirteen." She smiled a bit. 

"Yep, you sure are youngling." I joked. 

"So, hey, would you guys wanna hang out tomorrow?" Landon asked us. 

"Let us chat real quick." Taylor pulled me to the side and whispered, "Definitely?"

I nodded and we came back to them. "Yup!" 


And BAM! Here we are. 


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