The Badboy

Bella Dean is an average girl at school. She isn't popular but she has a got share of friends but has a handful of close friends. She loves to play sports and so does her brother. Her brother is a football and soccer player at their school and is popular at their school. His bestfriend is the one any only Brandon Carter, the bad boy at school.


5. Nightmares

We finished playing truth or dare and then ordered pizza. When the pizza got here we all decided to settle down and watch a movie. Of course boys being boys wanted a scary movie... I sighed when I heard what movie its going to be, Insidious. Brandon turned off the lights and sat next to Matt. I snuggled into Max and rested my head on his shoulder. "You scared?" He whispered in my ear lightly.

I nodded a little and felt his hold get tighter. "Don't worry babe im right here." He soothingly rubbed my side. Throughout the whole movie Max made me feel protected. Before I knew it, it ended and we all decided to play truth or dare again. They consisted of mostly dare for the boys. Max has to take of his shirt and pant. Hot by the way haha. Brandon had to drink a thing of whiskey.

He's really drunk now.. Matt has to run into the neighbors yard and go into their swimming pool. Jordan had to call his "gf" for the day and break up with her. Didn't hurt him but hurt her. Then Dylan had to call up the girl he liked and had to ask her out. I feel really bad for him cause she said no.. He looked heartbroken but sucked it up. Now it was my turn, it ended on Brandon. "Hmmm Bella truth or dare?" He slurred.

"Truth." I heard everyone boo then laugh. "Is it true that you hate who I have become and do you actually like Max?" He smirked. "You can only ask one." I glared at him. "'Just answer the dang questions. Unless you know you are a wimp still." He pushed my limits there. "Okay you asked for the truth so here it is. Yes I hate who you have become. I miss the old you but what does it matte.

You don't care! Then lastly yes I do like Max. I really really like him..." I got up and left when I finish my truth. "Im uh.. done for the night." I kissed Matts cheek, "I love you bro, sleep good." "Ok love you too. Remember if you need me im right across the hall." He hugged me. I have really bad nightmares that happen continuously. I walked over to Max and kissed him on the lips, "Night love."

"Night baby." He kissed back which lasted for awhile. I smiled and pulled away. He groaned and pouted. "Awh look at the cute baby." I teased. "Il show you how cute i am." He winked. "No you wont." Matt glared at Max. I laughed and said night to everyone else then headed to my bedroom. I climbed into bed and fell asleep.

-I was in a dark school hallway running from something. I ran into the biology lab and screamed seeing that Max was dead. He had a slit through his throat. "No!! Max!!" I sobbed. "Run, run as fast as you can." The voice through the speakers spoke. I kissed Max's bloody lips and whispered I love you. I ran out of the room to only end up in the gym where Jordan and Dylan were also dead but was stabbed several times through the stomach area.

I looked around trying to see where I could run but I couldn't find anywhere. "There you are." I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around to see Brandon holding a knife to Matts neck. "Don't do it!!" I screamed crying harder. I can lose him, hes all I have left. Brandon laughed," Like im going to listen to you." Then he killed Matt.-

I woke up screaming and sobbing. That was the first time I was able to finish the dream. Matt came running in with Max following. "Bella!" Matt came running over to me and held me close. He tried to clam be down but the scenes kept flashing in my head. I looked over at Max and he had a sad expression on his face.

"Bella it was just a dream. Shhhh." Matt rocked me back and forth holding me close. I shook my head and stuttered, "I-it se-eemed s-so re-eal." Matt sighed and held me closer. I felt my bed drip beside me and saw the it was Max. I slowly fell asleep in my brothers arms.

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