The Badboy

Bella Dean is an average girl at school. She isn't popular but she has a got share of friends but has a handful of close friends. She loves to play sports and so does her brother. Her brother is a football and soccer player at their school and is popular at their school. His bestfriend is the one any only Brandon Carter, the bad boy at school.


4. Dare

Bella P.o.v

Matt walked out but we decided to play truth or dare. "Bella truth or dare?" Jordan asked. "Dare of course!" I smiled. "I dare you to kiss Max on the lips for 30 seconds." He smirked looking at both of us. I looked over and saw Max blushing slightly and my face is probally worst.

I have a slight crush on Max and the only person I told was Jordan. I had to threaten him not to tell anyone cause if Matt found out he would tell Max not to come over anymore. Max looked at me with a puzzled look and I nodded.

When we started to kiss Matt walked in and started going off. "What are you doing?!" "Matt calm down please." I begged looking at him. "No! How could I when one of my best friends and my sister is swapping DNA?" He asked furiously.

Max got up and took Matt outside of the room leaving me and the boys again. "Its your fault." I pointed at Jordan. "Come on you know your happy that I did it." He smirked. I pouted knowing that its true and laid down on my bed.

"Im screwed." I huffed mumbling it into my pillow. The boys came back in and Max was smiling. Matt on the other hand was still mad but you could tell he's better now. I got off my bed and sat next to Matt. "I love you!" I smiled kissing his cheek.

"Love you too sis." He laughed. "Hey Bella can I umm talk to you?" Max asked nervously. He was rubbing the back of his neck. "Sure." I looked back at Matt and he nodded saying that its ok for me to. I know I don't need his permission but that my brother and his best friend!

We walked out into the hall and headed into what will be his room. "You wanted to talk?" I asked sitting down on the bed. I patted it for him to sit next to me but instead he crouches in front of me so we could be eye level with each other.

"Ya... So I was wondering if you would go out with me? I already asked Matt and he gave me permission to." He smiled looking at me. I nodded happily and kissed his cheek. "I am so happy you said yes! I've had a crush on you since I moved here from Texas." He smiled.

"Lets get back to the others." I giggled and kissed his cheek. We walked back hand in hand and when we walked in to my room everyone was there still including Brandon. He looked at our hands to our faces and he just frowned then replaced it with his normal look.

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