The Badboy

Bella Dean is an average girl at school. She isn't popular but she has a got share of friends but has a handful of close friends. She loves to play sports and so does her brother. Her brother is a football and soccer player at their school and is popular at their school. His bestfriend is the one any only Brandon Carter, the bad boy at school.


3. Arguements

We reached the house and I ran right upstairs. I do not want to deal with 5+ idiotic guys plus I have homework. I started on S.S since I have a 2 page essay to do on the American Revolutionary. I got done with my first page when i heard a knock at my door. "Who is it?" I asked still typing. "Its Matt." I heard my brother say and then come in.

I turned around and saw him sit on my bed and the guys followed. "Why are you guys in my room?" I asked sighing saving my work to my computer. "We all wanted to hang out since we are going to be living here now." Dylan smirked. Dylan his the flirt of the group and the player. "I already told them the rules. They all agreed to follow them." Matt informed staring at the guys.

"Even Brandon?!" I gasped shocked. "Why would it matter to you princess? All that matter is that now you get to see this hot body 24/7." Brandon smirked. "Don't.Call.Me.Princess.Ever.Again.Or.Else.You.Will.Regret.It" I told him through my teeth. "What would a little girl like you do to a tough girl like me?" He stepped closer to me.

"UMM... AHH.. You are such a egotistical jerk! I wish that you never change or that I was never friends with you!" I yelled out of anger at him. He gets on my nerves so easily! I looked up at him and saw his eyes flick over to sadness then to anger. "Whatever nerd." He stormed out of my room and slammed his door. "Im going to go make sure he doesn't destroy anything." Matt got up and left leaving my with boys that would stop looking at me shocked.

Matt P.O.V

I cant believe Bella said that to Brandon. Don't get me wrong he kind of deserved it but, she should've never said that to him. I knocked on his door and walked in. "Brandon?" I asked looking around his messy room. "What do you want? Are you going to blow up on my like your sister did?" He looked up at me.

"No and she had no right to say that to you." I sighed sitting down next to him. "That friendship meant a lot to me back then actually, you knew that! You and Bella was my only friends back then. I am happy with the person that I am now. No one tells me what to do or bullies me anymore. If I could've saved our friendship then I would've but me being me I wont." He looked down at his feet.

"I understand what your saying Brandon and you know that everyone here will always be here for you. You were my best friend since the beginning of time and no matter what happens nothing would change that." I got up and started to head towards the door. "Thanks bro but don't tell anyone that I went soft for that moment." He glared at me. 

I laughed, "Don't worry I wont. This was only between us." Then I would out the door to Bellas room thinking about what he just said. 

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