Dear diary...

Basically my diary about my relationship with my boyfriend. If you are like me then you might relate to this story/ diary?


7. Short term Long distance

3rd August 2015 

Dear diary today is Theo's actual birthday, bounce was his celebration but today is the actual day. I gave him £40 in a card which is hopefully enough? Today we just chilled and watched 4 movies and had snacks and played table tennis and sat by the fire so it was pretty awesome although I fell asleep on the last movie so they had to wake me up to take me home. There was unfortunately some drama today, Theo didn't eat enough so he felt ill and faint so I was panicking like usual but after he ate he was fine, I always try to get him to eat because I know what it feels like to be starving because I have starved myself before, I know stupid blah blah but I had a problem with my body and that's how I resolved it so now I'm always making sure my friends eat properly because I'm scared that they might have an eating disorder. Another drama that happened today was that Theo and his family are going to South Africa in December for 3 weeks to see relatives over there. The longest me and Theo have been able to stay away from each other is a day and a half. They invited me to come and I would love to have gone with them but I couldn't afford it as it was £1000 to go and I'm practically broke. I had an anxiety attack just thinking of being away from him for that long, I honestly don't know how I will survive. 3 weeks away from him knowing he is 8000 miles away not being able to touch him and the only way to see him is through Video call which even then the Internet is slow! I can't stop thinking about it and worrying about it, what happens if he meets another girl out there and decides he doesn't want me anymore? A lot can happen in three weeks! Diary it's true, I'm a worrier.
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