Dear diary...

Basically my diary about my relationship with my boyfriend. If you are like me then you might relate to this story/ diary?


5. Getting frisky

18th July 2015 Dear diary, lately I have been feeling different, more aroused than usual I think of his lips and hips more often late at night. I crave him more than usual, this is an odd feeling and it's a frustrating feeling. He came over today and I got the urge to sit on his lap straddled and facing him, after a while of wanting to do this I finally did and it felt good, really good. He seemed to like me sitting on his lap and also said it felt good. Which is no surprise considering I was sat directly on his area. After a few times of doing this we got more and more confident and then one time he thrusted into me while I was on his lap. It felt amazing I'm not going to lie, it felt satisfying and made me even more aroused, he kept doing this and he knew I liked it. He started going faster and harder which made me breathe heavily, I tried not to moan as this would be embarrassing. He started kissing my neck gently which is the best thing he could have done, he started to kiss deeper then gradually biting my neck. He made me feel like totally different and I liked it I found a new side to me that I didn't knew existed. Dear diary I am officially one of "Those" teens.
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