Dear diary...

Basically my diary about my relationship with my boyfriend. If you are like me then you might relate to this story/ diary?


3. Details from the past

June 16th 2015 Dear diary, today was perfect we watched Netflix and cuddled and ate pizza and just chilled together alone in his house. He says that when we are older we will move in together, get married and have a child together then grow old together, he says this a lot to me and by God I hope he is serious because I couldn't think of anything better than to spend my whole life with him, he is everything to me and I couldn't survive without him. When thinking about the future I can't see anything without him there. I want him to propose to me in Venice, Italy and then get married in either Verona, Italy or in South Africa which is where he is from. His family seem to like me quite a bit and I'm round his house most days. I have been his best friend for 4 years and we have been on and off dating since the beginning of our friendship however it never worked out because we were so young and didn't understand truly how love feels but now we know, very well what true love feels like. I met him on a school trip when we were 11 years of age on a balcony on a camping trip and from that first moment I knew there was a spark between us, he made me smile and giggle at times I didn't think was possible, he gave me life and enjoyment at all times. Even when I broke his heart he gave mine purpose, when I left him for others he waited for me to come back and he never gave up on me and now I will never give up on him because us, me and him are meant to be. Diary I can feel it in my heart.
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