Dear diary...

Basically my diary about my relationship with my boyfriend. If you are like me then you might relate to this story/ diary?


6. Birthday paranoia

30th July 2015

Dear diary, me and his family are bonding more now because I spend a lot of time at his house and they are usually around, I have got more confident which is really good according to Theo. Tomorrow me and our group of friends are going out for his birthday to a place called Bounce which is in Milton Keynees, it's an hour long drive but that's okay because Theo has an awesome 4 wheel drive and his Mom is pretty chill so we have the music loud and we all jam in the car. After Bounce we were all aching, basically bounce is a massive warehouse filled with trampolines and foam Pitts to jump into so after 2 hours of constant bouncing we are all super tired. While we were there I had a little sad moment because there were loads of girls there and Brad and Rhys were looking at the girls so I was worried Theo would too. I, always worrying Theo will leave me and find another girl or cheat on me I'm just paranoid. I even worry about him flirting with Moz (My best friend) or Rhys' girlfriend as he is quite close with them but I don't blame them because he is such a nice guy and honestly I couldn't ask for anyone better. He is so loyal and sweet and I love him so much. Diary I am so grateful to have him.  
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