Dear diary...

Basically my diary about my relationship with my boyfriend. If you are like me then you might relate to this story/ diary?


4. A teenage attitude

1st July 2015 Dear diary, I can't concentrate at school because my mind is always on him my darling sweetheart. In Maths I get shaken from my desk because of my day dreaming and not paying attention. I can't spend more than 2 days away from him and during those days I feel lost, I can't wait until the day I can wake up to see his face in my bed next to me, it frustrates me that our parents won't let us have sleepovers because we are 15, like what's the problem? Oh you think we are going to have sex? Well we are obviously not with you in the house because that's dumb and way too obvious and if we were going to have sex there wouldn't be anything stopping us so why you so paranoid? Jeez I strongly dislike my parents some times! I want to be able to have sleepovers with my guy friends and boyfriend but apparently because they are males and have dicks I'm not aloud, what do you think I am? A slut? I'm not going to open my legs for just anyone Mom! Diary I feel powerless as a teen.
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