Dear diary...

Basically my diary about my relationship with my boyfriend. If you are like me then you might relate to this story/ diary?


2. A look from my eyes

May 30th 2015  Dear diary, my feelings for him grow stronger by each day I am with him, the way he holds my hand with his smooth soft hands and hugs me tightly so I am secure and safe from everything in the world. His sweet delicate words falling slowly into my ear makes my heart flutter like the North Carolina butterflies in the sunset. His glossy thick hair smells like the fresh fruit of France in the morning of a crisp chilly day. And his sparkling turquoise eyes are like the Caribbean waters, when you look into them you drift into a completely different world, it feels as if it is just him and I existing, everyone else disappears and nobody else matters. His soft plump lips which anyone would only dream of placing one's upon his, to have this pleasure would be a heavenly experience. His whole body is such a sight to look at, you fade away into a totally different universe. Once I looked at him, his face never left my mind, it imprinted like a tigers paw on play-dough, heavy and easily. Diary I'm falling in love, hard and fast.
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