Drag Me Down

"Niall, just accept it. I'm just dead weight. Im just dragging you down" he looked away to hide the pain on his face, yet I knew it was there. "Lexi, nobody can Drag Me Down."

© Copyright. I own everything except for the celebrities.


1. Chapter 1/2


I know I have to do something. I cant waste my life away on these god damn pills, but its to hard. The addictions are too strong. He needs to see that. He needs to know that I'm mo good for him, but he just wont listen. He's got a fire for a heart, which makes his love burn. Not in the good way either. In the way that hurts. But it doesn't hurt me; it hurts him. He burns himself with his own love. I hate seeing him like that, I love him so deeply, and he knows. But its one of the things that makes him burn himself.


I love her. To much. She is the most perfect human being, of she is even human. But, in my heart I know she isn't the perfect angel I know she could be. Her addictions are worse all the time, and its killing her. I cant stand it. I freak out on her because I love her, and it never seems to effect her. She's got a river for a soul. Always moving. Smooth and calm in some places, but rough and wild in others. Its intoxicating. I sometimes feel that I am as addicted to her as she is her stupid pills. God I wish she would stop. She tells me its to hard, but I'm so scared. I need her to be alive.


Im just dragging him down...

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