Drag Me Down

"Niall, just accept it. I'm just dead weight. Im just dragging you down" he looked away to hide the pain on his face, yet I knew it was there. "Lexi, nobody can Drag Me Down."

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2. Chapter 1


My blond hair whipped in the brittle fall wind as I walked down some random New York road. I checked behind my back to make sure no one followed me before turning into an alley. My brown eyes flickered my side to side as I slowly walked. "Hey princess, whats a pretty girl like you doing in a dirty place like this?" A mans voice spike from behind me. I slowly put my hand over my pocket that held a small knife. "Look buddy, Im here to meet a friend. So just back off and leave me alone" I said as I slowly turned my head to the side. "Your friend hmm? Is your name Lexi by any chance?" God damn. Sam sent one of his goons down. "Uh yeah. You work for you know who?" I said as I turned around to face the man. He wore a black hoodie, jeans and some black vans. Typical. His brown hair was pulled back into either a bun or a pony tale. I couldn't tell because his hood was up. "Sometimes... Anyways he told me to tell you that he would give it to you for 10 bucks less" the man rolled his eyes. I was starting to think it wasn't a man, but yet a boy, about 22 maybe? "Oh. Well let him know I appreciate that. Anyways, were is it and how much you got?" I questioned as he took a step closer. I kept my hand on the knife as he approached me. "Its right here, as much as you ordered. Also, chill out. Im not here to rape you or anything. My names Harry. You can take your hand of your knife now" He smiled at me and I saw dimples. I could not see his eyes and I wish I could. "Um ok. Could you maybe take your hood down?" I asked as he stopped walking 2 steps away from me. "I cant do that. Sorry love." It was just now that I noticed his British accent. He pulled out the bag of pills from his hoodie pocket and said, "ok, 30 bucks please." I rolled my eyes and grabbed the cash out of my pocket. "Here" I said as I handed him the cash. He tossed me the pills and counted the money. "K cool. Later!" He called as he walked away. "Oh wait, He told me to tell you your invited to a party later on at his mansion. Be there at 8. He said you know were it is. Bye" he said as he rounded the corner. Stupid newbie. You stay quite and un noticed. Anyone could have heard him yelling. "Great. Another one of his stupid parties" I mumbled to myself as I walked back to my small apartment.


What a beautiful girl. She was the most gorges creature I was ever lucky enough to lay my eyes on. In all the traveling and concerts and fans, not a single girl stood out like her. Sam hadn't actually told me to invite her to his party tonight, but I was aloud to invite who ever I wanted. Of course I would invite her! I wanted her, badly. I hummed as I walked back to my car. Maybe I'll make it into a song and dedicate it to her. Nah, to cheesy. But I could make this humming tune into a song, never a bad idea to write songs when your Harry Styles from One Direction. I'll talk to the boys about it later, after the party. God I was so excited now. I couldn't wait to see her again. Of course I would have to be careful, my body wanted to have her, and take any innocence she had left, but thats not what I want. Well I do, but I also want to be with her. I want to be able to hold her hand, kiss her softly goodnight, cook her breakfast in the morning and dinner at night. I never used to believe in love at first site, but now I do. I jumped in my car and started her up. I drove up to Sam's place and left the money in his mail box. What a shame Lexi is into that stuff. I'll have to hire the best therapist for her. I would do anything for her, yet I barley know her but I really don't care. I drove back to the place me and the boys stayed at when we were here, thinking about her all the way back.


"Hey Harry! Were you been lad? You just missed an epic game of FIFA on the PS4!" Liam called as Harry walked in the door. "Oh um sorry. I was out uh helping a friend. Anyways we're all going to a party tonight at his mansion." Harry hung up his keys and hoodie. "Oooooo any girls gunna be there for Niall?" Louis winked at me as he spoke. "Oh shut up lad. Im waiting for the right girl and you know that" I spoke as he stuck his tung out at me. "And the fans say your the baby Niall. Haha, Louis is defiantly the least mature." Liam laughed as he picked up an apple from the table and took a bite. "Agreed" Harry nodded and sat down across from me. We laughed at Louis as he rolled his eyes and pretended to be hurt. "Oh come on lads. Lets get ready for the party. He said to be there by 8 and its already 6" Harry called as he headed towards his room. "Ugh fine. Only because if I don't I'll end up eating the house" I laughed as I got up and went to my room.

I hopped in the shower and washed my recently bleached hair with my Axe shampoo and conditioner. I did a quick wash of my body and turned the shower off. I jumped out and dried off a little bit then rapped the towel around my waist. "Oh come on. Why now of all times?" I groaned as I looked down. I decided not to do anything about it, it will go away soon enough. I blow dried my hair and then added just a little gel. I sprayed Axe body spray on my body and walked out of my bathroom to my room. I grabbed a plain white T-shirt and slipped it on. I found a pair of black jeans and put them on. I walked out of my room and headed back downstairs.


I jumped out of the shower and rapped a towel around myself. I looked in my mirror and saw my deep brown eyes staring back at me. Many people called me strange yet beautiful because of my blond hair and brown eyes. Not a very common combination. My hair draped over my shoulders and ended right beneath my 34DD breasts. Surprisingly my boobs are big, because I'm very skinny so I should have smaller boobs. Lucky me. Well, my back is going to hurt like hell. Probably already does, but I never notice. I blow dried my hair and decided to just leave it down. I used my eyeshadow to creat a smokey eye look then did winged eyeliner and added mascara. I left my lips un touched except for my bubble gum lip scrub from lush that I received as a gift. Actually, most of my stuff was gifts. I don't exactly have a lot of money... I work as a barista at Starbucks full time, and its not a lot. Plus my addiction, I don't even have cable or internet. My cell phone bill is payed for by my mom and my dad pays my rent. Im 23 years old and I mostly depend on my parents. Im not even trying to lose this addiction anymore, its just to strong to fight. My parents act like they don't know and are clueless, but I know they know. They have a clue. I hate it, the way they look at me. I know I'm wasting my life, but its my life and I will live it how I see fit. I walked into my bedroom and looked at my planned outfit. A sparkly silver tube dress and black boots that go up to just below my knees. They are my favourite pair, mostly because they are one of the only things I bought for myself. I grabbed my black clutch and threw my phone in along with 40 bucks. My parents money they gave me. Just for the cab there and back. I called a cab and went to wait outside.


"Dude. You excited? Drinking, girls, partying!? Its been a while" Harry called back to me. Harry was driving, Louis beside him, and me and Liam in the back seat. "Honestly not 100% but sure. I'll have some fun tonight." I smiled, but it was fake. "Thats the spirit lad!" Liam slapped my back and I laughed, and it was a real laugh this time. "K guys, we're here. Sam is the owner. I don't know of you'll see him. He probably isn't even here." Harry opened his door snd stepped out as me and the other boys did the same. "Try not to get recognized to much guys" Liam called from behind. "Don't worry. No paps aloud in. We're good" Harry chuckled from up front. We got past security and walked in the door, and thats when I saw her. She had blond hair and brown eyes, and it looked amazing on her. Her hair was loose and went to the bottom of her boobs. She was wearing a silver dress with sparkles and black shoes. My god she was gorges. I was about to go talk to her when she disappeared into the crowd. "Fuck" I cursed. "You ok mate?" Liam asked and looked at me concerned. "Ya ya, I'm good. Thanks" I smiled and he did too. "Well, good luck haha. Catch you later lad" he waved as he began to walk away. "You too!" I called back. I have to find that girl. She was so... Amazing. But were did she go? Does she have a boyfriend? I hope not. I was about to start walking towards were I last saw her when I heard someone screech "NIALL!! Oh my god babe!" A girl ran to me and I instantly knew who it was. Ashley.


I walked into the party and all I could smell was beer, and of course the music was far to loud. Just like my first party at Sam's. I sighed and made my way to the dance floor. I slowly started to dance and got a little more into it closing my eyes. People bumped into me from all directions but I didn't care. I just didn't want Sam to see me. I opened my eyes and well, got a pretty big shock. There, standing right by the entrance, was Niall Horan. Looking directly at me. I blinked, it had to be fake. How would Niall and Sam know each other? Sam is a major drug dealer and Niall is a famous singer. Well, it sorta makes sense. But Niall doesn't look like he has ever used a drug in his life. I kept blinking but he stayed there. It looked like he was about to walk up to me when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me away. "Hello love" a British voice said. I looked up to see Harry Styles. Oh my god? 2 members of One Direction? Does that mean Liam and Louis are here too? "Um hi. What are you doing here?" I asked looking innocent. "God your so pretty. Well me and Sam are friends so I invited the boys to the party." He smiled. The same dimples as the boy from earlier. Thats when it clicked in. This was the same guy. "Oh my god. Your the guy from earlier!" I half yelled. "Ah yes. You finally figured it out. Good. Now I can kiss you" I was about to say something when he leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine.

X hey guys. I hope you liked this chapter, sorry its so short. I'll try to make my chapters longer in the future. Anyways... What do you think? Obviously some trouble is about to go down haha. My next update may not be for a while because I am going camping for 10 days so I will try to update again before I leave X

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