I Remember Now H.S

Charlotte (Charlie) went too school on the first day back and her and ehr boyfriend had a huge fight she finds herself staring at a boy that she reconginized after the break up with charlie and her boyfriend jacob her and harry get's closer but they didn't think about how jacob would feel jacob slammed charlotte against the locker causing charlotte too hit her head and regain her memory that she lost in a car accident she soon remembers her relationship she had with harry and wants him back as soon as possible.


2. simon


harry drove me too simon's office i'm so happy i remember everything i posted the video on youtube and on harry's twitter and people was saying things like she's back yay omg i missed her! CHARLOTTE!  and one caught my eyes omg she's back i missed her i'm crying so fucking much right now think you guys for brightening

up my day this literally just madde my year I favorite the tweet and retweeted and followed her harry stopped at a red light and leaned his head back on the sofa and was staring at me i looked at him and played with his adams apples i shrunched  up

my nose and he laughed and so did i played the radio and took my hair out of it's pony tail cause it look rough i shook it and it fell in my face i picked the phone up and finished reading tweets i looked at harry too see him still staring at me "i missed you so much charlie" i smiled and kissed him "i missed you too" he pulled back

and drove off when we got too his office people was out there and i turned too see amy and the rest of the boys the boys was taking pictures while amy was talking too fans "is that charlotte" a fan ask i walked up too her "hi and yes i'm charlotte" i said hugging her she

smiled "can i get a picture please charlotte" i smiled and nodded i took a picture kissing her cheek "we missed you charlotte" i smiled and hugged her again then i saw the real charlotte as in Charlotte tomlinson we both yelled 'charlotte' at the same time and hugged each other everyone there was laughing because how we said it "omg you look amazing

charlie" she said "me look at you charles you look phenoniall" she laughed cause i said 'niall' i laughed and walked into the building with her and amy "hey Charlotte" amy said "AMY COME HERE AND GIVE ME A HUG" Charlotte yelled i laughed and they hugged i saw harry looking everywhere for me so i smirked and when his eyes met mine a look of relief took over his face i laughed and walked too simon office "UNCLE SIMON" i yelled and ran up too

hug him "CHARLOTTE HEY" he said and picked me up and spinned me around "who's ready too go on tour?" he asked "what?" i asked clearly confused "you're going on tour with the boys it's brilliant " i turned too see everyone nodding  harry looked like he was getting shot a thousand times and his head just like hello hello hello i laughed and continued with it "sure" i heard a thump

i turned around too see all the boys on the floor acting like they just got tazed but they were dancing harry and liam started too do the snake but niall was just flopping his body around like a waterless fish i started laughing and they all got up and acted normal when simon turn around too face me "great but first you need too see your sister" i looked at him confused i started mumbling sister over and over again then my head shot up "Allie?" i whispered he nodded

Allie is my 15 year old sister "how old is she now?" i asked "17" they all said i looked shocked "simon call her" i said he nodded and picked up his phone and called her he handed me the phone and i put it too my ear with tears in my eyes "Charlie?" she said her voice shaky i closed my eyes and let the tears stream out my blue eyes at the sound of her voice my baby sister that i haven't seen since my father died "Allie" i said crying "Omg charlie i missed you so much Mommy is working you haven't seen her in a while and she's been stressed she needs you Charles" she whispered

i sniffled "Sweetie i'm on my way" i said "Really?" she questioned "Yep i'm coming too see my family i'll see you in a little okay i love you squishy-bear" i said "i love you too peanut chew" we both laughed and i hung up and wiped my tears "lets go" i said "Wait Charlotte?" i turned and face simon he threw me keys too my old car "Thanks simon for everything" i said and hugged him he nodded "now go see your family you peanut chew" he said i laughed and walked out the office harry came and wrapped

his arm around my shoulder "you coming on tour with us ooo this should be good" he said "oh it is from what i remember your good in bed" i said looking up biting my lip he shrugged "i only give it too the one's who's worth it" he winked i laughed and stopped then stopped dead in my tracks "Perrie? Jade? Leigh-anne?" i said seeing all the

 girls they nodded and i rushed and hugged him "we missed you so much peanut chew" leigh-anne said crying i laughed "i missed you too so does this mean your going on tour with us?" i asked they nodded and i let out a little scream of joy "little mix is back" "ALRIGHT LITTLE MIX'S BACK ALRIGHT DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO LITTLE MIXS BACK ALRIGHT"niall came out of no where screaming "sorry i thought we were making a remix of the back street boys you know

i'm a fan eh-well-um-yo- shut up" he flagged us and backed up and put his head down i laughed harry held his arms out and i went to hug him he put his arm around my shouler when we walked out the crowd started screaming "CARRY" i don't like that name though it's scary and they say it more then 5 times i shiver and harry laughs he stops and looks at me lights were going off "what?" i asked "your so beautiful" i said i smiled and he leaned down and kissed me and

 i kissed back the crowd started going wild along with the lights i got into harry's car and gave my keys too amy she said charlotte would ride with her so i let her have the keys too the car me and harry was driving and singing i was laughing like crazy everyone was following us on our heels louis was being a clown and beeping the horn at us i was laughing i missed

these guys but never knew it  the car stopped at a red light and i ran my fingers through my curls swiping them too the side i started too rock my head back and forth and out the corner of my eye i saw harry making funny faces at drivers on my side i smiled trying not too laugh "oh shit they saw me" he said and sped off with the light changing we pulled up

in front of the house that brought more and more memories back i got out the car and louis drove in the drive way and 3 more cars came one of them wasn't with us though a lady with blue eyes and light brown hair got out her car she notice us but she didn't see me because everyone was blocking me "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE?' she yelled they stepped out the way and when she aw me her face softened and tears formed in her eyes "mommy?" i asked she nodded

i could tell zayn was videoing because i could see him i bit my lip trying not too cry but it didn't work i walked up too her and hugged her "i remember now mommy" i said she pulled back tears coming down her face "oh sweetie your beautiful" he put her hand on my cheek and i put my hand over top of it and tilted my hand too the side and close my

eyes too her touch i hugged her again but tighter "where is she?" i asked "in her room i think" she said i nodded and told the guys too come follow me i walked into the house and heard one direction rock me playing i smiled and walked up the stair

 with zayn  closely behind i opened her room door too find one direction posters and stand up board of harry niall zayn and louis and liam and the ..............girls? (little mix by the way) but the one that caught my eye was me and it was on

the stage she had tickets cropped in frames blankets our perfume then i spotted a brown head girl and blonde in the bathroom jumping around doing make up i told everyone too come in and they did zayn was videoing i stopped the

music and they jumped and came out the brown headed one fell too the ground she had blue eyes and she was my sister Allie the blonde hair one also started crying "ALLIE" she ran into my arms and hugged me "omg i missed you so much

and you brought one direction how the when what tell me everything " i laughed and whispered in my ear that harry was my boyfriend she squealed and introduced me too the blonde haired girl aka emily i sat on her bed and some people did too like the girls but the boys sat in bean bags "so i'm going on tour" i said she looked sad "and i'm giving you and

your friend here tickets too the show" i said her head and her friends shot up and she started nodding like crazy i widened my eyes a little while smiling she started too panic and so she took out some gum and started too chew some like crazy i started laughing she gave me a peaice and everyone else and we all started chewing  gum i looked around her room

and my eyes landed on a sky blue guitar i looked at her "you play"i asked "i'm working on it you?" she asked "yeah but not in public" i said "well we all know you so play" she said i shrugged and grabbed the guitar my mom was sitting there with happy eyes i started strumming the guitar fast then everyone was trying too keep up with the pace there eyes were going

crazy they looked like the cartoon people when they were dizzy i stopped and laughed "what?" harry asked getting up "you guys looked like the cartoon people when they're dizzy" they all laughed and so did i "can you guys suprise my school tomorrow it would be funny as heck they would be like WOAH because nobody believed you were my big sister"

allie blurted she covered her mouth and tears formed "honey are you getting bullied?" i asked while taking the guitar off and walking over too her she nodded slowly and lifted her sleeves up and i saw cuts and brusies i gasped and turned away with everyone else "of course i can mom you still got my old room?" i asked my mom nodded and got up motioning

too follow and i did when we entered i pushed the door closed and stepped back out with my mom "what?" they all asked "it's posters of harry in there" i said harry smirked "this i gotta see" he picked me up and put my down the hallway while everyone entered and the girls were sqealing i heard gasps i entered and tightly closed my eyes it was a whole wall cover of harry with no shirt on biting his lip he turned too me and wiggled his eyebrows i playfully pushed him "shut up"

i said everyone laughed and i got bean bag chairs down and sleeping bags we use too have big sleep overs so we had over 19 of them i grabbed enough for everyone and set them down we told simon too have our stylist drop off our clothes for tomorrow and she said she's on her way so right no we were chilling watching friends perrie whined until we agreed i was laughing cause her and zayn was arguing then made out.


i woke up too the girls yelling and throwing bags at us i laughed and got up and jumped into the shower lets shee she gave me yellow wedges yellow high waisted skirt and a yellow small shirt that could be a bra  but the shirt covered my skin a little the shirt had little diamonds on it witch made it sparkle i put on some light pink lipstick

and curled my hair a little like the ends was curled but the top wasn't and my side band was in my face i put on the water proof mascara and eyeliner and walked out the bathroom the girls had the same think but didn't colors "we seriously need too talk too bridget about our clothes we arent quidruplets" i said they nodded and laughed "they boys went too go

wash up in the other 3 bathrooms" perrie said i nodded then right on que the boys came in playing beez in the trap on louis phone and they was dancing they stopped and hugged us "so is this twins day" they asked they had the same thing but different colors too we laughed and shrugged "but you look amazing" harry said biting his lip i rolled my eyes and went back in the bathroom and put some deorderant on it was clear so you can't see it i put on some sweet pea perfume

and lotion and walked out the girls walked in and they looked stunning "are we going too the vma's" charlotte said i laughed and we walked out the school i walked too harry's door and the girls got in the car with charlotte and amy i was on my phone while nodding my head too the beat while harry was singing i sung along until he pulled up

into a glass school you could see through it like for real i laughed along with harry "it looks like a huge cinderella shoe" he said i threw my head back laughing causing him too tickle me we was ignoring stares from people harry stopped

not parking and the other cars stopped on the side of us but gave us some room too open the door first Allie and Emily got out and the school gasped she motion me and harry too get out so we did when i got out boys whistled and girls were screaming and the girls were screaming over harry and the other girls niall started to do the gangam styles and harry just had his arm

around my shoulder i was cracking up laughing i don't understand why people don't believe Allie we share the same last name COLEMAN like really dude they are so clueless i looked up at harry and noticed his jawline i traced my finger along his jawline admiring it he looked down at me and kissed me and i kissed back Allie and Emily was squealing while watching us we both pulled back and looked at the girls he laughed and i did the same i walked out of his arms making him pout and i laughed harder and i wrapped my arm around Allie and

some girl came up too us switching zayn had this awkward look on his face (like in the night changes video XD)  and so did i "what are you do here?" she asked popping her gum i had a disgusted look on my face like this little girl has a skirt so short on that you could see her panties and her shirt look like it belongs too a baby she's wearing too much makeup and she have 10 inch heels on and not too mention the fucking little girl is baldheaded poor child i couldn't hold it in any longer i started laughing in her face "what's so funny" she said popping her gum the school came around and surronded

us i wiped my tears from laughing so hard "you" i said everyone gasped and i raised my eyebrows along with everyone "look famous barbie you little baldheaded twitich nobody likes you so go back too your death whole you slut" she spat i looked at her amused along with everyone else i was with then we bursted out laughing you could hear nialls laugh the loudest i was cracking up so hard i was holding my stomach "WHAT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY" she said all let out long laughter sighs "you" i said unwrapping my arm from Allie's neck

and taking steps towards her 'you call someone baldhead when for a second i thought you were a dude you look like a fucked up barbie that went through puberty then back and i'm pretty sure they are you 5 year old sister's clothes"

i spat she took a step back then ran off crying her friends followed her and i burst out laughing with the whole school "come on you too girls are coming on tour with me and mom" i said  Allie and Emily looked





we left and i went back to the little mixs manison as soon as we got there i looked for my room they show me and i was suprised by it because it had one direction things everyone it looked

like i died or something "i'm not that much of a directioner" i said they laughed and nodded i washed and got in bed with harry and slept getting ready too go on tour tomorrow morning with the guys and my family.








i woke up not seeing harry i didn't care i just packed everything that i needed in a suitcase and lended my mom and Emily and Allie a suitcase Emily said her parents said it was fine with them as long as she calls them everynight so that was about it this might sound crazy but i'm happy jacob abused me because if he didn't this wouldn't be happening right now and omfg i'm glad i got this all back i really am i missed the girls and guys but never relized it i just hope i never have too see them again we ate then left for the airport meeting the boys we got a private plane for us all so i glad i am so fucking glad






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