I Remember Now H.S

Charlotte (Charlie) went too school on the first day back and her and ehr boyfriend had a huge fight she finds herself staring at a boy that she reconginized after the break up with charlie and her boyfriend jacob her and harry get's closer but they didn't think about how jacob would feel jacob slammed charlotte against the locker causing charlotte too hit her head and regain her memory that she lost in a car accident she soon remembers her relationship she had with harry and wants him back as soon as possible.



summer is over got dammit it's over uh uhuhuhuh oh yeah it's over i know your like the hell you like  school no i fucking hate it i like teasing boys at their own game though but i can't do it as much because my lovely boyfriend who never pays attention too me that i love so much (notice the sarcasm?) well we are kinda new too east wood high all the students got kicked out on the last day for fighting me being smart as hell didn't go i'm not a punk i care about my beautiful face now alittle something about me i have a tan deep blue eyes that could be noticed a mile away deep ass dimples and  light brown hair that goes too my ass notice i'm not british i'm american my mom is british but me hell to the no i grew up in the USA people always think that i'm a sweet girl i am but i have tattoos but not alot i have a heart on my wrist and one on my thigh that says QUEEN B BETCH my parents don't know and it's gonna stay that way plus i'm living with amy and amy's on her own oh btw amy's my bestfriend until the world ends haha sorry a little hype today yeah yeah.

i walked into the bathroom and washed up and washed my hair i could hear my boyfriend jacob and chris down stairs they are so loud i got out before jacob sneak his little ass in my shower i dried off threw my robe on and blow dried my hair after i was down i slipped on some white skinny jeans that makes my ass look a little big but so what i slipped on a loose crop top and my boobs are pushing it out a little and it's black witch shows my belly ring nothing much just a diamond i slipped on my black knee high boots they don't have a heal on them and the frabic is fur well a little bit i put on water proof eyeliner and mascara and some red lipstick i don't need foundation jacob says i don't need it i put my straight hair half up and half down i did the ariana grande hair style witch means curl it at the ends my blue eyes are shining so much it hurts my eyes (don't even know ctfuu) i grabbed my phone some gum and my purse a cigarette pack we all smoke so shut up lol i walked down stairs and jacob almost attack me  too the floor literally i had too regain my balance "oh baby you look fine as hell" he said biting his lip "don't i always" i said and turned around then striked a pose we laughed and then left the guys call me the flip master because i could flip my ass off i'm trying out for cheerleading and jacob for football he is an ass but cute he got blue eyes blonde hair and a lip ring

mmm my sugar daddy jk and he is fit he got a six pack like some scary ass teen wolf shit "dammit i forgot my apple" i whined "i got some in the trunk' amy replied i gave her a weird look then burst out laughing she laughed too then we pulled up and stopped in the middle of the parking lot i hopped out the passenger seat and was dancing a little because she had wiggle wiggle wiggle on witch caught the schools attention "keys" i said

she threw the keys and i popped the trunk opened then tilted my head looking for the apple case i found it and sqealed i grabbed it and jacob grabbed it "work for it sweet cheeks" i groaned and he ran i put my phone down in the car "JACOB COME ON' i yelled everyone stopped dancing and looked at me "WORK FOR THE APPLE" he said shaking his butt i stomp my foot and whined "FINE BUT DON'T EXPECT A KISS AFTERWARDS" i yelled in annoyance

" IT'S ALRIGHT WE COULD GET SOME KISSES IN BED' he winked and blew a kiss my eyes widened i put my things down and started amy went right in the middle "READY SET GO" eveyrone was watching bored as hell i would be bored too  when she said go i did front flips and cartwheels then jumped in the air and twirled and landed continuing the front flips everyone was clapping and cheering

he threw the apple and i did 3 more front flips and stopped and catched it 'thank you" i said and bit in it he smirked and started chasing me i started running i threw the apple at him and it hit him in the forehead "ouch oh you gonna get it babe" he said then picked up his speed "AMY GET MY STUFF PLEASE' i yelled running pass her

she nodded and i looked back too see jacob on my heels i picked up my speed the school clapping and cheering i was laughing so hard i felt someone come and pick me up from behind and spin around i was cracking up so was the school amy was parking the car and jacob put my down i ran too the car and sat on the hood of the car and folded my legs in a pretzel formation when i saw a lamborghini speed in the parking lot it was blood shot red beautiful amazing rims and and it had no roof i was just staring the  person hopped out the car and had curly hair a grey muscle shirt on with a pocket patch that had a heart on it

he had on grey skinny jeans and white nikes he put his curly hair in a grey beanie my eyes met his and i felt speechless  he leaned against his car and folded his arms watching me jacob turned my head and smashed his lips into mine he made me fall back tried pushing him off "JACOB STOP" the people surrounding us stopped laughing and looked at me he started too kiss my neck i looked over at the boy too see him clenching his jaw i digged my nails in jacobs neck he shot back holding his neck he showed me his hand and it had blood on it i shrugged and grabbed my stuff and hopped down i looked at the boy and he wasn't there he was sitting on the school step the hell i pushed through i crowd and ran up the steps with the guys eyes following me he was talking too 4 other guys

but stopped and looked at me and so did the other guys i felt someone grab my wrist i turned too see jacob he pulled me back down in front of the steps "jacob stop it your hurting my wrist jacob jacob JACOB STOP IT OUCH JACOB" i fell to the ground with tears streaming down my face he gripped tighter and tighter until someone pulled him away "get the fuck off of her she said it hurts" the boy said the other 4 helped me up "thanks" i whispered "charlie  i'm so so-" jacob started but i cut him off 'save it we are through" i said i ripped the neckless off that he gave me and threw it on the floor "charlie cmon charlie wait CHARLOTTE" i heard him yelling but i kept walking i turned around too see the boys that helped me following me the one with the lamborghini stopped talking and looked at me "thank you" i mouthed he winked and i smiled and kept walking i walked into the office for my schedule and walked out i remember this school so much i didn't need help as soon as i walked out amy rushed over 'are you wtf omg sweetie" she hugged me  "i'm fine" i said then my eyes met the persons from the lamborghini "who's that" i said  she looked away and followed my gaze she pointed at him then smirked he was looking so he had a smirk on his face with his arms folded i smacked her arm down "he's harry jesus did you have to smack my arm you know i'm sensitive charles" she said rubbing her arm i laughed and she just chuckled 'that was so fake" i said she nodded i looked back at harry and bit my lip amy followed my gaze then sighed and pulled my arm towards him pulling me behind her i paniced once i found out where she is taking me the other 4 of them was watching too i was smacking her arm i looked at harry and he had his arms open with a smirk amy pushed me between his arms "hi" i said with a shaky breath he had a smirk on his face "hey" he said biting his lip he wrapped his arms around my waist and interwined his own fingers "name?" he said with one eyebrow raised "c-c-charlotte" he smirked and i looked too my side too see the boys and amy smirking at us attacked my skin with soft gentle kisses it felt so sweet  so sweet i closed my eyes and bit my lip he started too suck on my skin more and more i opened my eyes and amy and guys where frozen with scared expressions on i had a confused face on until they mouth 'jacob" i froze and harry could tell he pulled back and i turned my head too see jacob rushing towards us he grabbed my wrist and slammed me against the locker making me hit my head everything became blurry he slammed me and again and i hit my head i could see harry punching the life out of jacob until i fell too the ground the last thing i saw was harry's face staring at me with a scared expression and everyone else then everything went black.



i rushed out the school with everyone looking at the girl laying lifeless in my arms i looked down at her and she was just beautiful she had blood rushing down the back of her head amy and the guys was following amy and niall are cousins by the way  i put her in my lamborghini and the others got into amy's truck i put her seat belt on her and started the car i started speeding too my house and a red light came i tried too make it but didn't i looked in my mirror too see amy and louis switching seats oh no he is going too be on my heels as soon as he was selted the green light came and i started rushing towards the house i noticed blood on my hands

i pulled up the drive way and punched the steering wheel causing it too beep i hopped out and rushed too her side and got her out when i was shutting the door louis was pulling up in the drive way i threw her over my shoulder nad unlocked the door once in i carried her upstairs and grabbed a towel and put it on the pillow and laid her down liam rushed in with a first aid kit and started cleaning her why would he even do this too her she's a girl. i got angry and ran too my car i drove back too the school once i got out everyone had scared expressions on i ran into the school "WHERE IS HE" i yelled everyone looked scared "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?" i yelled again  everyone made a path and i started speed walking in the direction it cleared up and i saw the nut running.


i chased after him and pictures of charlotte kept coming into my head i picked up my speed and grabbed him by his shirt and threw him on the floor 'SHE'S A FUCKING GIRL" i yelled punching "SHE'S A SLUT" i was kicking him constantly when liam called 




L: she's in the hospital she's lost alot of blood harry

i dropped my phone thinking of loosing her i know (they knew each other before but charlotte was in a car crash so she don't remember just clearing things up) i need her if i don't have her i'm going back too killing people and this nigga is the first too go i kicked her and punched him then just walked away leaving him on the floor i had blood all on my hands i went to the bathroom and washed them then remembered the things about charlie how she was famous how nobody remembers her i'm pretty sure this is all going too be on the newspaper tomorrow

: harry styles famous boyband member  puts a person in his place for hitting a girl charlotte coleman in hospital after being beat by a man. i clenched my jaw and rushed too the hospital i had tear in my eyes blood on my shirt and someone i dated in the hospital u found my self crying remembering the times me and her had i miss her i miss her kisses and her touch i miss her holding her hands hugging her her smiled her eyes her laugh i miss my ex-girlfriend but i need too tease her but be nice too her so she could fall for me because if i keep loving her this way then i'm dead.




i walked into the hospital and they told me her room i had tears streaming down my face i walked onto the floor and everybody rushed too me "she's alive she's awake" they shotted at me it felt like 100,000 pound  dinosour was lifted off my chest and i walked into her room too see her "BABY OMG" she screamed and jumped up and hugged me i was confused but hugged her back i digged my face in her neck and cried "i remember harry"  she whispered in my ears my eyes shot open and i hugged her tighter she remembers she remembers? i pulled back

and smashed my lips into hers she kissed back and after what seem like 300 mintues but was only 5 we pulled back she rested her forehead on mine and wiped my tears "I Remember Now harry I Remember You I Remember The Crash I Remember Now" she said crying she kissed me both of us still crying she rapped her arms around my neck and i rapped mines around her waist "i missed you Charlotte" i sat putting my face in her neck "i missed you too harry" i tightened the hugged and cried until we heard awes me and her broke from the hug and she laughed the boys was videoing a nurse came in and louis gave the camera too the nurse they all hugged her zayn

was crying the most they knew each other since they were 3 "ZAYNIE" she yelled she jumped into his arms and he spun her around "CHARLIE" he yelled back put her down and she hugged amy now amy and her knew each other since birth so they was hugging the longest we heard sobbing so we turned too see the nurse crying  we laughed and hugged her and the video stopped my started too ring so i checked it and it said simon i answered and he asked for her i gave it too her and she said okay on my way i knew what it was so i hugged her my baby is going too be famous again


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