Summer Love

Delilah goes to a music summer camp every year with her brother and their friends. One summer Delilah makes a big mistake with one of her brothers friends. Will it ruin a relationship? How about friendships?" Read to find out more. *5SOS are not famous yet*


1. Welcome Back!

 Delilah's POV 

The smell of the fresh air hits me as my brother Michael and I get out of the car. 

"Well sis! Were back!" Michael says very excited. We get all the bags out of the trunk and walk down the road to were the rest of or summer break will start, away from the real world, without the internet, our phones, and parents telling us what to do. 

"Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a great year!" I heard people saying to us as we walked in. Michael and I walked to check-in where we would be assigned our bunk, hand in any electronics, and say hello to two months of music. 

So, let me fill you in on things. My name is Delilah Clifford. I am 16 years old. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I wouldn't say I was tall but I also wouldn't say that I was short. My brother Michael and I have been going every summer for six years to a music camp. Where we do different activities but mostly music. My brother Michael met 3 other boys here three summers ago and they formed a band. They still don't have name but they are all amazing. I have also met a few girls here and we have played together a few times but I am more of a solo artist. Anyway, when we come to this camp we are not aloud to use an thing electronic here and we are supposed to enjoy nature, make new friends and just have fun with music. I know it sounds very cheesy but it is actually what I look forward to every year. 

"So Micheal you will be in boys bunk 7 and Delilah you will be in girls bunk 11." The lady at the check-in booth said. 

"So meet you here later?" My brother said to me.

"Meet you here later." I said and gave him a hug. We both walked our separate ways toward our cabins. When I walked in I saw almost all the beds had already been made so I took the first opened bed I saw. 

"Delilah!" I heard someone scream from behind me. I turn around to see my best friend from camp. 

"Mia!" I yell before giving her a giant hug. We did get together a few times this year but it feels like I haven't seen her in forever.  

"So how have you been?" I ask her as we sit down on my un-made bed. 

"Well I have been waiting for this summer to hurry up and come!" She said. 

"I know me too!" I said  

"Well Luke and I are still together." She said. "I know he's coming this summer but I haven't seen him yet. So how are things with you and Aidan?" 

"Well we actually broke up." I said sadly. 

"What why!? You two were so cute together!" She said. 

"I know. It just got complicated." I said knowing that it didn't get complicated I just couldn't stand dating him knowing what I did. Its still hard that I haven't told Mia yet. She has been such a great friend and if she knew what I did to her she would never ever forgive me.  

"Well lets get to unpacking! We have opening camp fire tonight!" She said standing up from my bed and heading over to the bed next to me which I guess was hers. We both started unpacking while other girls started coming into the cabin. After about two hours Mia and I had both finished so we decided to head down to the dinning hall to get some food. 

When we got to the dinning hall I saw my brother with his friends Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Luke Hemmings who Mia was dating.

As soon as they saw us walk in the boys all ran towards us. Calum and Ashton ran towards me and gave me a big hug and Luke went right up to Mia and gave her a long passionate kiss. Every time I see them kiss I just feel so guilty about what happened last summer. I hope Luke does too. After they pulled away from the kiss Michael, Calum, and Ashton went and gave Mia a hug hello and Luke came up to me and gave me a very awkward hug. 

He then whispered in my ear "We need to talk." then he pulled out of the very awkward hug. 

"So Delilah Michael told me about you and Aidan. I am so sorry that you guys broke up." Calum said sympathetically.

"It just wasn't meant to be." I said looking over at Luke who had a guilty expression on his face but really tried not show it because he had his arm around Mia. We all sat down at the table that the boys were sitting at earlier and we all just caught up on things. 

After about an hour or so of just talking we heard two bells ring meaning everyone has to meet in the dinning hall. Since we already were here we just waited for everyone else to arrive. The camp ranged from six year olds to eighteen year olds. Up until you are fifteen you need a counselor then after you basically can do whatever you want. 

After about ten minutes everyone was in the dining hall and sitting at a table. 

"Everyone quiet down." Someone started saying, "Well welcome back everyone and for those who are new welcome and I hope you have a great time. By now everyone has been assigned a cabin and if you are younger then fifteen you will have a counselor with you and will mostly do activities with you cabin, but if you are fifteen or older you don't have a counselor and you are free to do anything during the day but you must be back in your cabin by elven every night. Well anyways welcome to the first night of camp we are going to have dinner now and then head for opening camp fire.Well enjoy dinner." 

Dinner was then served. It was Pizza and Pasta, a simple meal. 

*Skip to after Dinner 

After dinner everyone started going to Theater were we having opening campfire. After everyone sat down the same man who was talking before in the dining hall got on the stage and said, "So I would like to welcome any one up to sing or play anything. So if you want to please just come on up." 

The first person who got up sang 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus. A few more people went up until I realized that my brother, Luke, Calum and Ashton were no longer sitting next to me. I looked at the stage to see them taking there place on the stage. Luke and Michael grabbing guitars, Calum grabbing a bass, and Ashton sitting behind the drums. 

"Hi Im Luke, this is Michael, Calum, and Ashton." Luke said pointing to each of the guys as he said there names. 

"We really don't have a band name yet but we are going to play Teenage Dream."  
The boys started playing and I sat back and listened to them. They were amazing. I love listening to them play. 

Before I knew it the boys were done playing and the next person was up. 

"wow you guys did really good" I said to them as they sat down. 

"Thanks sis!" Michael said. 

"Yeah you guys were amazing!" Mia said. 

"Thanks babe!" Luke said and pulled here into a kiss. I just looked away, feeling guilty once again because Luke and I haven't told Mia about last summer.   

"Hey Delilah you should go up and sing something." Ashton said.  

"Yeah. You have an amazing voice." Calum said. 

"Thanks guys but I don't think I really want too." I said a little blushed. 

"You sure sis?" Michael said. 

"Yeah. Im sure." I said a little sad. I don't know what got into me. I love performing, I just think I need to take care of this Luke situation before I can really focus on performing. 

 A couple of more people performed and then the directors of the camp went through rules of the camp and how a day at camp works. When the opening campfire ended I gave Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke goodnight hugs and when I gave Luke a hug he whispered in my ear "Meet me at midnight at 'the spot'" 

Mia and I then started walking back to cabin to go to bed when I couldn't take the guilt anymore. I have been hiding this for a year. I just needed to tell her.  

"Mia theres something I need to tell you-" She then cut me off and said, 

"Im in love with Luke." 

"What?" Is all I could manage to say. 

"Yeah. Im in love with him. I have been. I just don't know how to tell him." Mia said.

"Well..Um..Maybe you should just wait till the end of the summer to tell him." I suggested hoping she won't rush into anything because I need to tell what happened before her relationship with Luke gets even more serious. 

"You really think I should wait?" She asks me.  

"yes." I said, knowing that she should actually tell him. We finally got back to the cabin and we get ready for bed. 

"Goodnight." She tells me as we both get into bed. 

"Goodnight." I say knowing that I am actually not going to bed because I have to meet Luke in an hour.  So to kill time I just get out a book and read. 

After about half and hour of reading I get out of my bed, get dressed, and head out to 'the spot'. I put on a pair of black sweat pants and a white tank top with a red flannel over because it was a little chilly outside. I then put on a pair of ugg boots, grab a flashlight and go outside as quietly as I can because I didn't want to wake the other girls who were sleeping. I then started walking towards 'the spot'. 


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