Fairy Tail: Dual Dragonslayer

Plasma and Earth. That's what he is. His magic was of two dragons. Both loved by him dearly, and both disappeared mysteriously. He wandered aimlessly, trying to find a friend. When he comes upon the most destructive guild in Fiore, he finds not only a bunch of friends, but a family too.


1. Who's the main character? It's me! Hiriko!

Hello, my friends! It's Hiriko here as the main character of my first ever Movella! Of course, my editor (IrishBoy) was expecting something different, but I decided to start this one because this is the one I was going to place myself into. Despite the fact that this isn't my real appearance (although I wish it was), I've decided to make my appearance this way because of what's gonna happen in the story. Don't ask what it is because I ain't telling! Anyways, here's my basic info for, well, me!

Hiriko Yoriki


6' 0"

150 lbs

[NOTE:] These are not real-life measurements. By the way, Chapter One will be up tomorrow if I can so...


SEE YA!!!!!

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