Death in the Darkness

Warning this is very dark...


1. Death in the Darkness

Blackest night,

Darkest hour,

A bat flew in the open tower.

It was dark in the room, but there was blood on the floor.

The evil left over from years before.

You could still hear the screams, if you listen closely enough,

But why you would want to is mystery enough.

A man walked in through the open door,

It was a stormy night 60 years before.

He turned around to close the door, but collapsed on the ground alive no more.

Another man walked in through the door,

And pulled his knife out of the man on the floor.

Blood poured out of the wound in his back,

Staining the floor a brownish-black.

The other man stared at what he had done,

And knelt down in the pool of blood now covering the floor.

He looked at his knife and stared at his hands,

And tried to hold back tears that pricked at his eyes.

He took a grip on his knife and plunged it into his chest and whispered I'm sorry with his final breath.

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