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6. Chapter 6


I was in the middle of straightening my hair when Luke knocked on the bathroom door.

"Calum just called and said that they landed in Australia." He told me. We had went back to Nashville to tell my parents first, since we were going to stay in Australia for a while.

"I'm almost ready, babe." I said, straightening the last strand of hair. I walked into my bedroom, and grabbed my purse and phone.


"Rylie! I'm so glad you're home!" My mom said, hugging me.

"It's good to be back." I smiled.

My dad walked up to Luke and shook his hand. "Nice to see you again, Luke."

"You too, Mr. Miller." Luke told him.

"Oh, call me Matthew!"

I smiled, and grabbed Luke's hand. We all went to the dinner table, and took a seat. We quickly ate, and I told mom and dad that we had some news.

"Well, this is pretty big, and I never thought this day would come as fast as it did..." I said.

"Is something wrong, babygirl?" Daddy asked.

"No, nothing is wrong..." I sighed. "Well, I' I'm pregnant.."

We sat in silence, and I spoke up again.

"I know you guys are probably mad at me cause I promised to wait until marriage, but I really think that Luke is the one..."

"Rylie! We aren't mad at you! I just can't believe that we are going to be grandparents!" Mom said, and hugged me again.

"I'm glad that you aren't mad, and I hate to leave so soon, but we have a plane to catch in about 2 hours. Love you guys, and we will see you soon hopefully." I said. I gave them both a hug, and we were on our way...


We landed in Australia around noon, and we went to Calum's house to stay for a couple of days.

"Hey guys! How was meeting the parents?" I asked.

"It was amazing! Mali is awesome, and she said that she wants to hang out with you and me some day." Jade said. "Are you meeting Luke's parents tonight?"

"Yes, and I really need a nap before we go, so can you show me where we are sleeping?" I asked, yawning.

We walked upstairs, and down to the end of the hallway.

"Your room is this one..." She said, opening the door. "Calum and my room is across the hall."

I nodded, and set my stuff down next to the bed. A few minutes later, Luke joined me, and feel asleep soon after.

"Babe, wake up. I figured you needed to have some time to get ready, so you have two hours to do whatever you need to..." Luke chuckled.

I groaned, but decided not to argue with him. "I'm nervous about meeting your parents today... Especially your mom.."

"Why babe? I know that they are going to love you... Especially my mum." Luke said, wrapping his arms around my waist. "One, they will love anyone I love. And two, you are carrying one of their grandchildren. They are going to have to love you..."

I smiled. "It seems so surreal that I am carrying a baby. It's a strange, yet amazing feeling." I grabbed my things, and headed for the shower.

"Care if I join you?" Luke asked, knocking on the bathroom door. I told him to come in, and he entered, and relocked the door. We both stripped down to nothing, and stepped in the shower.

"Well, this is nice..." Luke smirked. I felt his lips attach to my neck.

"Luke, no..." I whined, and pushed him off. "No sex until the baby is born..."

Luke scoffed, and I grabbed my shampoo. "And why is that?"

"Everyone says that it won't hurt the baby, but I'm just two months in! I just don't want anything to happen to the little one." I explained to the frowning boy. "Don't be mad or upset, babe. I'm just looking out for the baby..."

He sighed, and set his hands on my growing stomach. "I'm not upset, just sexually frustrated." I giggled, and playfully punched his shoulder. We hurriedly finished what we had to do, so we would have enough time to finish getting ready. We walked out of the bathroom into our room, hoping that Jade and Calum wouldn't catch us.

"My mum texted and said that dinner should be ready in about an hour.. Is that enough time?" Luke asked.

"Yes, that's enough.." I said, buttoning my jeans. "I just have to put on my shoes, and I'm all set."

By the time we left Calum's, we had about 45 minutes until dinner was supposed to be ready. Luke told me a little about his family. He told me that his parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, and nephew would be there. Not to add TOO much pressure or anything...

We pulled into the long driveway of the Hemmings household. We got out of the car, and Luke held my hand up to the front door. He knocked on the door, since he supposedly left his keys at Calum's.

A younger guy who looked remarkably like Luke opened it. "Welcome home, little bro.."

"Jack! Hey, man, nice to see you... This is my girlfriend, Rylie..." Luke introduced me.

"She's kinda hot, dude..." Jack said, and laughed at the corny reference to the song. "Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Rylie."

"Nice to meet you too..." I warmly smiled.

Jack led us into a large living area, where two little girls were running around playing.

"Uncle Luke!" one said, wrapping her arms around Luke's legs. Luke picked her up, and gave her a proper hug. "Who's that?" she asked, pointing to me.

"That's my girlfriend, Rylie..." Luke smiled.

"She's pretty..." the little girl cooed.

Luke chuckled. "I know..." he walked back over to me, and grabbed my hand. "That's Rachel, and the little one is Hannah..."

Luke led me into the dining room, where two girls, and three men sat at the dining table.

An older woman walked in, holding a bowl of mashed potatoes.

"Luke, darling! My baby is home!" she said, kissing Luke's cheek. "And you must be Rylie! Hello, I'm Liz, Luke's mother."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Hemmings." I smiled.

We all took a seat at the table, and Luke introduced me to the other people. "That's my dad, Andrew, my other brother, Ben, his wife, Giselle. You already have met Jack, but that's his wife Celeste. Ben and Giselle have Adam, and Rachel and Hannah are Jack and Celeste's kids..."

We ate dinner, and finally, it came to the time where we would tell the big news.

"Mum, dad, we have an announcement to make.." Luke beamed. "Well, Rylie is pregnant..."

Liz dropped her fork, and smiled from ear to ear. "Really? Another grandchild! Oh this is great news!"

I smiled, and nodded. "We are very excited for the little one to get here..."

"How far along are you?" Celeste asked.

"Almost three months... One more month and we can find out the gender. Which you already know how that works..." I giggled.

For the rest of the night, the four girls talked about pregnancy stories. Well, they talked about their stories, cause I didn't have much to tell... But I could tell that I was going to be very happy being a part of their family...




Woooo longish chappie for mee woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got way too excited about that! So, I mainly wrote this in study hall today, so I had to hide my phone from the teacher, so.. yeah.


I love you guys, stay awesome <3

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