She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


48. Chapter 48


About an hour or so after Luke left, Jade came over with Kol.

"Hey, hoe." She said, walking into the kitchen.

"Hey..." I responded. "Luke's been acting really strange lately, and I don't know what's up.."

My phone chimed, and it was Twitter. "That's weird, a fan just tweeted me a link to a video, and told me to watch it..."

I clicked on the link, and after I watched the video my phone slipped from my hands onto the counter.

The video was titled Luke and Arzaylea kissing.

Jade picked up my phone, and watched the video. "I'm going to kick his ass."


"Rylie, I swear we didn't kiss!" Luke yelled.

"Luke, you're telling me that I didn't see your lips on hers? I'm not blind you dumbass! That's it! This is too much, Luke." I sighed. "I got over the fact that she helped you with OUR engagement, but then you cheated on me... What it to return the favor? I can't believe I actually believed you when you said that nothing was going on."

I looked down, and walked out of our bedroom. I grabbed my car keys, and got Paige into her seat. I grabbed my purse on the way out, and went to the car. I started the ignition, and drove off. Where the hell am I supposed to go? I can't go to Liz's, and I can't go to Jades...

After I drove for a while, I found myself pulling up to another house. Michael.

"Rylie? Have you been crying?" He asked, opening the door.

I nodded. "Is Tegan here?"

"No, she's actually on a flight to Tennessee to see her mum and dad." He told me. "But come in..."

I walked in, and set Paige's carrier down on the carpet in the living room. Michael sat down on the couch, and I sat down with him. "Luke cheated on me..."

"What? He wouldn't do that..."

I showed him the video, and his jaw dropped.

"That's what I thought. So I blew up on him, and I left..."

Michael shook his head in disbelief. "I can't believe he would do this.."

"Me either.."

"I honestly believe he was set up.. She's a total bitch. When we were kids, I was friends with her. And her parents were always bringing other people over, and then her mum got pregnant with another mans baby, and her dad went off. I mean like he was slapping her, and everything. Well, he eventually was sent to jail, and her mum went to rehab. So, Arzaylea was sent to a foster home. After that, I guess something just came over her, and she started to vandalize shit, and go through guys like fucking water.."

So, maybe Luke didn't do anything? I'm going to kick that little girls ass, I swear. But I need to go talk to Luke first...

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