She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


47. Chapter 47


I was walking down this hallway with Kol in my arms.

"It's okay kol we are leaving," I said to my son.

"I just don't understand why he did this to us. Don't worry we are going far away for him," I said.

"Jade! Wait don't leave it was an accident. I'm sorry!" Calum said behind me.

I keep walking away from him.

I woke up crying and sweating.

"Babe are you okay?" Calum asked.

"Yea just a bad dream I'm going to check on Kol," I told him.

Calum nodded his head and I walked out of the room.

I walked into kols room and saw him laying on his crib asleep.

I smiled at my son.

I walked out of kols room and back into to mine.

I walk over to the bed and jump on Calum.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I miss you what do you think?" I asked him.

"You want to right now?" He asked.

"Please," I told him.

He takes his clothes of while I do the same.

H lays on top of me and comes into me very slowly.

After awhile he came out.

"I missed that," he said.

I nodded my head in agreement.

We cuddled for the rest of the night.

We soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

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