She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


42. Chapter 42


"Gracie! Our manager called..." I started. "He wants us to release an album. What do you say?"

"That sound amazing, actually. I've been waiting for us to be able to do something again." She said.

"Okay, meet us at the studio at 3. I have to call Tegan."

I hung up, and dialed Tegan's number.

"Tegan, it's Rylie. We were offered a deal to record an album, and we need your opinion on it. What do you think?"

"Yes, yes, of course!" She slightly yelled.

"Okay, meet us at the studio at 3. Bye!"

I hung up, and walked outside. I sat back down next to Luke on the swing, and laid my head on his shoulder. "We are meeting at 3. Paige will just go with me, cause Jade is taking Kol."

Luke nodded. "We have a meeting this afternoon too. We have 8 days until the album comes out. (PREORDER SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD ON ITUNES)  "

"You don't sound very enthused (is that a word?😂)..."

"I'm excited, but I'm also wanting to have a family and shit."

"And shit? Babe, you're almost 20 years old, shut up. There will be time to have a "normal" family, but it's not the time. We have just a few months until we say I Do, so you will have a family. We have Paige, and that's all that matter..."


"Girls! How are you? Take a seat!" Our new manager, Stephen, said.  We sat down, and Stephen sat on the end of his desk. "So, you have a 2 year contract that ends in a year, correct?"

"Yes, sir, that's correct." Jade answered.

"Great, great. So, here's what I'm thinking. 1 album, 1 tour, and boom you're done. I know that Rylie and Jade have children. Jade is married to Calum Hood of 5SOS, and Rylie is engaged to Luke Hemmings of 5SOs. Gracie is dating Ashton Irwin, and Tegan is dating Michael Clifford. Anything else I should know?"

" I think you covered our family fairly well..." I laughed.

We sat around and pitched some ideas for songs, and tried to come up with album names. Let's just say, we were going to be there for a long ass time.

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