She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


39. Chapter 39


I'm so fucking nervous. I'm still shock that my dad, my birth dad at that, came to my door step to find me.

My only question for him is where the hell was he when I was young.

"Wow. You've changed Jade," my father said to me.

"Yea you too," I said.

"Umm this is my best friend Rylie. Rylie. This is my dad," I said looking at her.

The shook hands and my dad nodded.

"Well. Where do we start at?" He asked.

"Where have you been? In the past eight years when I need you ?" I asked

"I've been in Florida. Like I've always been," he said.

"And you didn't bother the call. No birthday cards, no Christmas gifts, nothing," I said.

"I'm sorry. I've been busy," he said.

"Yea busy doing drugs. Drinking. Don't think I don't know what you have been up too. Mary had told me everything," I told him.

"Listen Jade..." he said.

"No I can't stay here no more. Let's go Ry," I said and walked off.

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