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36. Chapter 36


We ran into the hospital, and quickly got a nurse. They took Paige from my arms, and rushed her to a room. I felt my legs cave in from under me. I hit the ground, loud sobs escaping my mouth. Luke helped me up, and a nurse brought a couple of pills, dropping them into his free hand. We walked to the waiting room, and Luke set my in a chair. He got a cup of water, and handed it and the pills to me. "They will help you calm down. You need to take them." He said, sitting next to me. I put the pills on my tongue, and took a sip of water. I swallowed the pills, and drank the rest of the water, washing them down. Laying my head on Luke's shoulder, I thought of Paige. Everything went black.


"Hemmings?"  I opened my eyes, and there stood a doctor. "Paige is fine. She had a bad asthma attack, and her lungs stopped working for a couple of minutes. We are giving you a breathing machine, and I'll show you how it works when we get to her room. Follow me." Luke and I quickly got up, and followed the doctor to the children's wing of the hospital.

"So, you will put these straps behind her ears, and put the mask over her mouth and nose. It will give her steroids and when she breathes them in, they will go straight to her lungs, giving her air. She will also get an inhaler, which is to use when you don't have access to the machine. Just put it in her mouth, and press the button. It will basically do the same thing as the machine, just not as powerful." The doctor explained to us. "Now, she may get sick the first couple times you give it to her, because her body isn't used to it. But after the 3rd or 4th time, it will get easier for her to get it. We are waiting on a couple tests results for her, just to make sure there is nothing else wrong. But they should be in any minute, and if everything is clear, you are free to go. Her nurse should be in to check on her shortly..."

"Thanks, Doc.." Luke slightly smiled.

I sat down in the chair next to the small  hospital crib/bed. Paige was looking at me when she said her first word. "Mama."

My eyes widened with Joy, and she said it again. "Mama."

Luke ran over to her bed. "Can you say daddy?"


"Close enough..." He laughed. "Rylie, she said her first words!"

I smiled, nodding my head. My phone started ringing, and my moms name was flashed across the screen.

"Rylie? What's wrong with Paige?! Jade called me and told me that you guys rushed her to the hospital..." Mom yelled.

"She's fine now. She was diagnosed with asthma, which runs in the family. They are giving her a breathing machine, and an inhaler. We are leaving the hospital soon, I hope.." I quickly explained.


"Okay, if you can just sign here, she is free to go.." The nurse told us. I signed the paper as Luke got Paige out of the bed. He kissed her head, and held her close to him.

We made our way home, and were met by Jade, Calum, Michael, Ashton, Tegan, and Gracie. They all came to make sure Paige was okay. We explained what happened, and what to do if she ever had an attack while they were watching her. After they all left, Luke and I made our way to bed, and slowly drifted asleep.


Okay chapter ? Idk lol.

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