She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


31. Chapter 31


"How does this one look?" Rylie asked showing us a dress she tried on.

"I love that one," I said.

"Yea. You need to get that one," Liz said.

"I love it too so I'm getting this one," Rylie said.

We payed for our dresses, expected me.

I was to big to try on dresses so I was going to find a nice outfit to wear.

I am 6 months pregnant. I'm way to big to put on a dress.

"I wore a dress to your wedding. And I was 9 months pregnant," Rylie said.

"I was going to find a dress after I had Kol," I told her.

"Oh. Yea that's right we were going to wait until you hand Kol then get married," Rylie said.

"Duh hoe," I told her.

After we got everything loaded up, we went home.

"There's my girl," Calum said when I walked in.

"How's my wife and son doing?" He asked putting his hand on my belly.

"We are find. I tired so I'm going to lay down. This baby is making me tired," I told him.

I kissed Calum and went to bed.

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