She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


24. Chapter 24


"Rylie? I had a dream.." Jade said. "It was exactly like yours, but of course it was Calum."

"It was terrifying, right?" I asked. That was literally the worst thing that had ever happened to me.

"Yes, I woke up screaming, and Calum was no where to be found, and I started sobbing." She said. I heard her sniffle. "But he showed up a couple minutes later, saying that he went to the store to get a few things."

"Should I tell Luke about my dream?"

"I don't know, Ry. It's up to you, I'm not going to tell Cal cause he wouldn't leave me alone if I did." Jade laughed. "Well, Calum is calling me, I'll talk to you later..."

We hung up, and I walked downstairs to find Luke.

"Arzaylea, you have to leave. Rylie will be up any minute. She can't see you here." I heard Luke whisper. My heart dropped.

"Luke, she won't know what's going on between us. Just tell her that we were friends in school, and I came to see how you were." She said.

I walked to the living room and stood next to Luke. "What's going on here?"

Luke was sitting on the couch, shirtless. "Ry? What are you doing up?" He looked nervous, and very uncomfortable.

"I was trying to find you..." I sort of lied. "Who's she?"

"Just an old, um, friend from, um, school."

"Well, I'm going to leave. Talk to you later, Luke." The girl said, and left.

Luke got up, and fixed his pants, throwing on a shirt afterwards.

"What the fuck, Luke! You brought a girl into the house while I was sleeping? Real fucking mature, Luke. I can't believe I trusted you." I said, and walked to the nursery.

I grabbed the diaper bag, grabbing a couple of outfits for Paige. She's still at Liz's house. Shit...

I went upstairs, changed and grabbed my keys, wallet, and phone. I walked back downstairs, and went past Luke, and out the door. Ignoring him yelling my name, I got into my car, and drove off.


"Rylie?" Liz asked, opening the door. "I thought Luke was picking her up. But that's not important. The important thing is, why are you crying?"

I shook my head. "Luke and I got into a fight, and I had a dream well nightmare about him..."

She sighed, and pulled me into the house. She went and got Paige from Andrew, and gave her to me.

"Liz? Do you know of an Arzaylea? I asked.

"No, honey. Why do you ask?" She questioned.

"She was at our house this morning with Luke... He told her that she needed to leave before I got up... she told him to lie to me and say that they were friends at school."

"He never told me about her..." She said.

"Well, I think I'm going to take Paige and go somewhere..." I said. And she nodded, not wanting to make me feel uncomfortable.

I grabbed the diaper bag, and my things, and left. I really hope Jade won't tell Luke where I am if I call her.

I took the risk and dialed her number.

"Rylie? Where are you?" She answered.

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