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18. Chapter 18



"Ry, who are Will and Tyler?" Luke asked again.

"I never told you about her..." I sighed. "My sister.. When I was 8, she was 17. She was pregnant, and she died during childbirth. Something went wrong with her, but  the baby lived. Will was her baby daddy, and he said that we could never see Tyler, the baby, again. Will said that all we would do is hurt the baby. So, I haven't talked to them since."

Luke frowned. "I'm sorry, babe. But why didn't you tell me?"

I shrugged. "I guess I wanted to forget."

My parents sighed, and told us that they were going to give us some space.

3:40 am. Paige was screaming. I ran into the nursery, and got her out of the crib.

"Hi, babygirl..." I smiled, slightly bouncing her. "Are you hungry?"

I quickly fed her, and tried to get her back asleep. I sat in the rocking chair, and we rocked for hours. She fell asleep around 6, and I went back to bed.

When I woke back up, it was 9. I didn't feel Luke's arms around me anymore, so I figured that he was taking care of Paige. I walked into the nursery, and Luke was feeding her a bottle.

"Good morning, babe." I smiled.

"Morning, Ry." Luke said, glancing up at me. "Why don't you go take a shower? The boys  asked if they could come over and see the baby. They'll be here at noon."

I nodded, and went to the master bath. I turned the water on, and stripped down. I turned on the shower radio, which was pretty cool cause it had Spotify, Pandora, and IHeartRadio. I clicked the Spotify button, and turned on a Shower playlist.

"I've got fire for a heart, I'm not scared of the dark...." Drag Me Down by One Direction played.

I haven't talked to Niall in ages.. I wonder how he is doing. I never even told him that I was pregnant.

I shrugged it off, and stepped into the shower.





Sorry for the short update today, I'm really tired.

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